The “Delusion” of “Regime Change””Never””Ever'”Works” in Communists and Islamists Countries – 12/21/2014

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‘Democracy” is NOT a “fanatical” “calling” or “attraction” and loses “badly” against the “enjoyable (at first) emotional experience” of a “popular””communist””revolution” and/or an “islamic fundamentalist muslim “”jihad”….:+(

Unfortunately, for “no sex appeal””democracies”,  they have to face the fact that they are the “dull””middle of the road””reasonable””moderate””establishment” on which all individual and collective life failures of their opponents are “scapegoated”, even though, overwhelmingly mostly, “democracies”, more often than not, try to “save the day” and mostly “succeed” and when they “fail” “by no fault of their own”, they are still blamed for the failures that, most often than not, are “sabotages” against “democracies”………:+(

“About USA-Cuba relations, Rand Paul, a US Libertarian Tea Party Republican (R) told Tom Roten of News Talk 800 in West Virginia that the 50-year embargo “just hasn’t worked” and normalizing relations with the island nation is “probably a good idea.”
“If the goal is regime change, it sure doesn’t seem to be working and probably it punishes the people more than the regime because the regime can blame the embargo for hardship,” he said.”

“Castro said Saturday he is open to discussing a wide range of issues but that they should also cover the United States and he stressed that Cuba would not be giving up its socialist principles.
“In the same way that we have never demanded that the United States change its political system, we will demand respect for ours,” Castro told Cuba’s National Assembly in a session that turned into a celebration of resistance to U.S. aggression.”

The USA left the “USSR” to continue to exist as “Communist Russia”. The same happened to “Communist China”, “Communist Cuba”,”Communist North Korea”, “Communist Venezuela”, “Communist Viet Nam”, etc., Shiite Islamist Fundamentalist Iran, Communist Islamist Hamas Gaza strip, Communist Islamist ISIL/ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, etc., to what positive results for the world “Democracies”?????  ;+(

In 1945, “visionary” Patton wanted to “nip them in the bud” when it could still be done without too much damage to “democracies”……..;+)

 But, “wishy-washy” and “vascillating” opinions, as usual when most “Democracies” are facing “extreme” “life-changing ” decisions, allowed diverging opinions to prevail………;+)

Those same “decisions” are “subdued” and “suffocated” elsewhere in Communists and Islamists countries  when they don’t align with the official dogma……..:+(

This is true, in the cases of “Communism”, “Fundamentalist Islamism” and most other “anti-individual freedom””group-think” “dictatorial” regimes and doctrines, that “Democracy” is like an “infant'”newborn””weakling” facing a giant, sophisticated “never forgive, never forget””eradicator””exterminator” aggressor……..:+(

The West needs to work on resolving “democracy””contradictions” and understand the notion of “exceptions”, including “exceptional life threatening danger response” and remembers that “rules are meant to be broken”, especially, unfortunately,  when “survival is at stake”…….:+(

“Survival” and “War” have no laws…….:+(

Unfortunately, there is no rule in “survival”, not coming from our “cornered” enemies, neither from us……:+(

There is only a retrun to the Darwin’s Law of Nature’s “Survival of the Fittest, meaning, Strongest”……;+)

Consequently, “if we want to survive”we will have to do it “by any means necessary”, and not flinch and/or not blink………:+(

Are we ready?????……..:+(


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