Jeffrey Sachs & Mikhail Gorbachev Apologetists of Russia’s Putin – 12/23/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE)

Is it me, or, Jeffrey Sachs is joining  Mikhail Gorbachev on a podium denouncing the West as the “perps”(“perpetrators”) in the “continuation”/”sequel”, not a “rerun”, to a “Cold War” series between the West (mainly NATO) and the traditional Communist Marxist Leninist, Communist Maoist Ho Chi Minh-ist and other Communist countries, worldwide.

In fact, to tell the real truth, there was never a “Cold War””stop”, on the Communists part, just a “communist””hiding tactic” to “sucker” the West in investing in the West own demise through the “World Communism Reconquista in China, Russia and SCO”, as most of the worldwide Communist countries, as of now, were facing “economic””political””ideological'”bankruptcies”………

When the “Berlin Wall” fell, the smartest and most evolved “ex-communist” European countries joined the EU and consequently NATO……

Seeing its plans of “Worldwide Communist Reconquista” challenged by most of the ex-soviet communist Central European and Baltic or Crimean countries, the ex-old “Komintern” Communist countries tried to regroup under the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)” under the auspices of the two (2) chancres of the new International communism, China and Russia, to try to stem off the “communist” ideology “bankruptcy” worldwide and salvage what is left over of the last “die-hard” communist countries economies trying, stubhornely, despite their internal economies disasters, to follow the marxist leninist communist economic ideology, re-christened for public consumption, as “market socialism”……

Communism, today, has only one critical economical redeemer, China exports to the West…….

China, Russia, the SCO countries and all “die-hard” ex-Komintern, “new” “market socialist” countries need more the buying power of the West economies, than the reverse…….

If the West stops to buy from China and all “communists” or “market socialists” countries, it will be painful for the West, but, survivable.

 However, it would be an “economic””tsunamic””disaster” for China, Russia, the SCO countries and all “die hard” ex-Komintern, “new” “market socialist” countries “a la'” USSR 1991, and/or Viet Nam “Doi Moi” 1986……..

“Communists” are very aware of that risk, especially since the “new” “sanctions” and the “oil glut” started to really “bite” after their attempt at “staring down and scaring back” NATO, failed……

The West should NOT “flinch” or “blink” despite all the “agit-prop” creating racial or religious insurgencies among Blacks and Middle Eastern Ethnies in the West and worldwide, as well as “cyber attacks””onslaught”……

They, “All”, are “standard mode of operation” for the “Communists” that are rallying worldwide, in addition to fighting through “proxies” like “islamists fundamentalists” in Hamas Gaza Strip, Syria, Hezbollah, Iran , ISIL/ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Abu Sharif, etc, etc, etc……

So, with all due respect to Mr Jeffrey Sachs and Mr Mikhail Gorbachev, I would recommend that, instead of preaching to the West to “lower their pants”, again, toward “Communism”; this time, instead, “Communist” Russia, China, etc, start a “real””autocritique/self criticism” of their actions and really, this time, act to produce a “real””badly needed””regime change”and “structural reforms”………

If they don’t, the West doesn’t even need to use any “scarecrow” “weapon of mass destruction” (WMD), as, instead of, Mutually Assured Destruction{MAD), “Marxism Leminism Stalinism Maoism Ho Chi Minh-ism” and all the new “market socialism” countries are on the verge of Mutually Assured Self-Destruction (MASD) “self implosions”by their own hubris, mismanagement, stubhornness and delusions……..

Happy Holidays and, please, keep that hand off these ICBMs launch buttons, as, after Fukushima, people are , kind of, used to the new “Frozen” film jingle, “Let it go, Let it go:” to turn it in “Let it “glow”, Let it “glow”…….

War had an inflationary effect on WMD “disuasion””fear threshold” in the population and doesn’t have anymore the “disuasion” effect it used to have, especially with all these “suicide bombings” that end up doing as many casualties as the “NBC” ‘tactical””theater”WMDs potentially could…….

To the mistaken “communists revivalists”, the “West”, for better or for worse, is “hardened” after all the conflicts since WWII and is prepared to “stare down” “enemies ICBMs” and/or “tactical””theater”NBCs weapons, “a la” North Korea……….

The West has a word for the “communists” and “fundamentalists islamists”, “get over it” and start to adjust and improvise to overcome your lack of individual freedom, your coercive group-think and your dictatorial tendencies ………

The West is “really sick and tired” of “giving away free rides” and “having their hands bitten by the very people they feed”……..


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