iet Nam New Political Cha-cha-cha, Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Backward – 12/20/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE)(don’t choke on your laughing, Viet Nam is “deadly” “desperately”serious)

Of course, there are a lot of “holes” in these Viet Nam’s “reluctant” “strategic moves”….. 

One of the major “holes” is  the “mandatory retirement age at 60” as most PhDs, write better and more research papers later on in their lives, as it takes time to “mature” and most valuable research, business, technology or scientific careers, take time, producing, very often, their most valuable work over 60……..

The fact that a “significant” population of “very competent””senior” Western Experts, who are already on-site as Viet Nam permanent residents cannot find work in Viet Nam despite their “adjusted to Viet Nam Labor Market””vietnamese” rates levels compensation requirements in Viet Nam Dong (VND), belie the new claims of Viet Nam lacking “talented” people, on-site, in Viet Nam……….

The first hurdle in hiring a foreigner expert is to be able to evaluate the real value of the foreigner capabilities, without making a fool of yourself,

For Vietnamese they can make “fool of themselvs”, or so they dread, either by, as often in the past, hiring fraudulent so-called “expert”, even with the official educational and experience levels required, or, by laziness in skipping the due dilignce required in investigating the candidate background, because the Vietnamese are incapable of reading English (the universal “lingua franca”, not used in Viet Nam) or, not being educated and experienced enough to understand what is written………

In addition, after the “foreign experts” have been “verified and validated”, one major issue is, really, that Viet Nam doesn’t want to hear and listen to those “foreign” “senior” Experts as those “foreigners” cannot be “manipulated” and they know where the “skeletons are buried” in Viet Nam, living there, making more difficult to avoid “real””structural””reforms” as they submit, following their real heart-felt commitment to the common people of Viet Nam, “non political” “facts based” “analyses and solutions designs” that, of course, are embarrassing for Viet  Nam people trying to refute the fact that, indeed, “the Emperor has no clothes”,,,,,,,,

Another one of those “holes” is the fact that, despite the big “fuss” about “authorizing foreigners” to own real estate, by a future July 2015 decree, the State of Viet Nam still owns  the land of these properties and, realistically, could “nationalize” the properties back, at will…….

A significant “drawback”is the lack of confidence in Viet Nam,  a country that moves like in dancing, two steps forward, three steps backward……….

It could be, maybe, called “Viet Nam political cha-cha-cha” that, usually, ends where it started, with a big disillusion to “naive” foreigners who have been “stupid” enough to believe the Viet Nam’s “propaganda”……………..

The “foreigners” are not allowed to “re-sell”, “mortgage” or “rent to others” the properties they paid for and most targeted properties (really reasonably priced) lie in the middle of “distressed” other “squattered” real estate properties reducing, significantly, their appeal and, consequently, their values, even if they could be “re-sold”, “mortgaged” or “rented to others”, which they cannot, at the present time and for the foreseeable future, despite all the “official Viet Nam propaganda” about it……….

There is a saying in the USA that Viet Nam should emulate., “if you have the talking, you should have the walking'”, otherwise, you end up looking like a “delusional””bad joke”…….’s_New_Clothes


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