he USA are Far from perfect But If You Feel that Bad About leaving Your Roots Country, You Can Always Go back and Try to Make a Difference, Instead of Just Moaning in the USA – 12/08/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE)

The USA are far from perfect, I’ll give you that  No country in this world is, unfortunately……..

But, the USA are still among the best, even if you disagree.. ……..

To validate this point, Just stay in any country, really stay for a while, not just travel quickly in and out, as tourists……….

If you stay sufficiently longer “to clear the smoke and the screens”, very soon, you will be longing for the USA, even if you refuse to lose face by recognizing it…….

Paradoxically, it is not the material comfort, that is very much compromised, unfortunately, even today,  in the USA “tent cities”…….. 

It is the “Freedom”, the “Bill of Rights” of the “US Constitution” and even the simple fact to have a passport and be able to travel through most of the world, or, being able to say what you think aloud and really be who you are, without automatically ending in jail or dead……..

Of course, there are plenty of challenges in life, so there are in those USA, nothing and nobody’s perfect…….

But If you feel that bad about leaving your “roots” country, you can always go back and try to make a difference in your “home””roots””country”, instead of just moaning in the USA……..

Maybe, at that time, you’ll realize why people “evacuated” you, as a child, to allow you to survive, in the first place, and, worse, would probably still do the same thing today, almost eons later, despite all the Politically Correct (PC) narrative…….

Like we use to say in the USA, “if you have the talk, you need to have the walk” and make sure you have plenty of “intrinsic””commitment”,”competence” and “consistency”……..

Good Luck with that, You are going to need it…….



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