Germany’s PEGIDA & Charlie Hebdo – 01/08/2015

For Your Entertainment (FYE)

If Germany’s PEGIDA and the European “Far Right” parties win any future elections, they will owe it, in big part, to “Far Left” Charlie Hebdo’s Saïd Kouachi, Chérif Kouachi and Hamyd Mourad massacre……..

Maybe, this is the reunion of all the “Far”……….

Like they say a “Far” begets a “Far”……..

Just don’t get caught in the “middle”………..

“Beginning of December 2014, PEGIDA published an undated and anonymous one-page manifesto of 19 bulleted position statements. 

  1. The first Point affirms the right of asylum for war refugees and politically persecuted people. 
  2. The second Point advocates to include a duty to integrate into the German Basic Law
  3. Point 3 advocates for decentralized housing of refugees, 
  4. Point 4 suggests creation of a central refugee agency for a fair allocation of immigrants among countries of the European Union
  5. Point 5 demands a decrease in ratio of social worker to asylum seeker from currently 200:1. 
  6. Point 6 suggests to model German immigration policies after those of the Netherlands and Switzerland and demands an increased budget for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to speed up processing of applications. 
  7. Point 7 demands an increase in funding for the police, 
  8. Point 8 for implementation of all asylum laws including expulsion. 
  9. Point 9 mentions zero tolerance towards criminal refugees and immigrants. 
  10. Point 10 states that PEGIDA opposes a misogynic and violent political ideology, but does not oppose assimilated and politically moderate Muslims. 
  11. Point 11 supports immigration as in Switzerland, Canada, Australia and South Africa. 
  12. Point 12 states that PEGIDA supports sexual self-determination (opposing “early sexualization of children”). 
  13. Point 13 argues for the protection of Germany’s Judeo-Christian culture. 
  14. Point 14 supports the introduction of referenda as in Switzerland. 
  15. Point 15 opposes weapon export to radical and non-permitted groups, such as the PKK. 
  16. Point 16 opposes parallel societies/parallel jurisdictions, for example Sharia courts, Sharia police and peace judges. 
  17. In Point 17 PEGIDA opposes gender mainstreaming, and political correctness
  18. In Point 18 PEGIDA opposes any radicalism whether religious or politically motivated. 
  19. In Point 19 PEGIDA opposes hate speech, regardless of religion.

Deutsche Welle writes that PEGIDA calls Islamism a misogynist and violent ideology.


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