From Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, Bill Cosby and Black Individuals Deaths by White Policemen Riots Coordination, You Are Forgiven to Ask Whether These Are “Coincidental” Retaliatory Actions Against Mid-Elections Republicans Successes – 12/05/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE)

If we take a “cynical” view of today’s US local news, it is very tempting to “see” very intriguing “coincidences” between Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, Bill Cosby and “black” individuals “only” deaths by “white” policemen “riots” coordination……..:+(

You are forgiven to ask whether these are “coincidental” retaliatory actions against mid-Elections Republicans successes, among other actions like the Labor Unions strikes…..:+(

In the case of Bill Cosby accuser, you are also forgiven to ask yourself what a fifteen (15) years old little girl was doing at the Playboy Mansion….:+(

One thing that seems to raise questions is the fact that both “Clarence Thomas” and “Bill Cosby” by criticizing their fellows of same skin color for their lack of initiative and resourcefulness in trying to extract themselves from their “discriminated” “economic” and “social” “conditions”, were seen as Republicans (R) “Uncle Toms”, and, as “black” “cultural icons””success stories””roles models”, were felt as  “thorns” in the side of those riding the Black “Affirmative Action” bandwagon……:+(

Globally, there is still a “very long way to go” to admit that not everybody has the same talents and skills, and that this is a “critical advantage”, called “diversity”, like “biodiversity”,”chromosomes and genes pools diversity” and “cultural diversity”…….;+)

Of course, there is a need to recognize intrinsic “strengths” and “weaknesses”, capitalizing on the particular “strengths” and alleviating the “weaknesses” “particular” to the diverse “ethnic””racial” global populations, as they are, also, represented in the USA……;+)


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