You Cannot Solve Global Issues Just by Throwing Money at Them, From Ebola Fight in Africa to the New Globalization, Most People Confuse Quantity and Quality — 11/20/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE), now that everyone realizes that you cannot catch up on lack of adequate methods and procedures that are the results of long cultural and civilizational evolution……;+)

Some people call the attitude of recognizing the issue of “quality” not just “quantity”  in the developing world incapacity to “autonomy””emancipation” and “ability to make and enforce their own decisions”,”patronizing”;
but, interestingly, they come right back to prevent  children or adults handicapped to be declared “competent”……

Unfortunately, for them and for the world, a lot of developing countries are “culturally and civilizationally” “incompetent”, regarding the “New World/Western World” “necessary methods and procedures knowledge and ability”, and, despite all the efforts, monetary, educational and otherwise, thrown at them, do not show signs that they will be “competent”, anytime soon……..

“Competence concerns the mental capacity of an individual to participate in legal proceedings or transactions, and the mental condition a person must have to be responsible for his or her decisions or acts. Competence is an attribute that is decision specific. Depending on various factors which typically revolve around mental function integrity, an individual may or may not be competent to make a particular medical decision, a particular contractual agreement, to execute an effective deed to real property, or to execute a will having certain terms. Depending on the state, a guardian or conservator may be appointed by a court for a person who satisfies the state’s tests for general incompetence, and the guardian or conservator exercises the incompetent’s rights for the incompetent. Defendants who do not possess sufficient “competence” are usually excluded from criminal prosecution, while witnesses found not to possess requisite competence cannot testify. The English equivalent is fitness to plead.”

“Generally, a person has the capacity or competence to make the decision to enter into a contract if the person has the ability to understand and appreciate, to the extent relevant, all of the following: (a) The rights, duties, and responsibilities created by, or affected by the decision. (b) The probable consequences for the decisionmaker and, where appropriate, the persons affected by the decision. (c) The significant risks, benefits, and reasonable alternatives involved in the decision.”

“Competency was used to determine whether individual Native Americans could use land that was allotted to them from the General Allotment Act (GAA) also known as the Dawes Act. The practice was used after in 1906 with the passing of the Burk Act, also known as the forced patenting act. This Act further amended the GAA to give the Secretary of the Interior the power to issue allotees a patent in fee simple to people classified ‘competent and capable.’ The criteria for this determination is unclear but meant that allotees deemed ‘competent’ by the Secretary of the Interior would have their land taken out of trust status, subject to taxation, and could be sold by the allottee.
The Act of June 25, 1910 further amends the GAA to give the Secretary of the Interior the power to sell the land of deceased allotees or issue patent and fee to legal heirs. This decision is based on a determination made by the Secretary of Interior whether the legal heirs are ‘competent’ or ‘incompetent’ to manage their own affairs.”

The questions, now, are:

  1. If the US Secretary of the Interior can find Native Americans, living in the most advanced country in the world, the USA, “incompetent”, and make decisions for them, how do we let people in Low Developing Countries (LDCs), that are and ever will be for the foreseeable future, less “competent” than the Native Americans, make decisions that have consequences on the life or death of the all world?
  2. If, some countries are “incompetent”, how do we assure the well being and security of theit population?
  3. Are we prepared to accept that, most, “incompetent” countries will, never, be “competent”, and assume responsibility for their well being and security?
  4. If not, are we prepared to assume the logical conclusion to “let the incompetent countries be” and stop the “knee jerk reaction” of trying to salvage what, unfortunately is “unsalvageable”?
  5. Are we prepared to adjust and shift the global data collection from just “quantity” evaluation and recognize the prmary value of “quality” evaluation, defying Political Correctness(PC)?
  6. Are we prepared to work from real data and shift globally from “tatemae” and “honne” to a WYSIWYG recognition behavior even though it may not be Politically Correct (PC)?
  7. Are we prepared to recognize evolution, heredity, culture and civilization, as the major factors they are in the “survival” of the human and other species to moderate the “conservationism” attitude prevalent in Islam, Communism , Middle Eastern Religions and most Low Developing Countries (LDCs), today, preventing their positive evolution to survival and progress to reach the hypothetical “Omega Point”?


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