Where is the Rabid Wrath of the World Feminists Akin to the Response to “I am not Malala” and the Boycott of Prophet Muhammad Cartoons When We Need It??? — 11/12/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE)

In nature, and the human species, up to now, are part of nature, the female of the species are dominant in number and influence, since, you may not know your real father but, odds are, you have, sooner or later, to know your mother………;+)

What is bugging me in Islam is that women are dominant like in any other parts of the human species, but, and it is a big “but”, they are not “connected” to the “World Feminist Movement” and the Revolution it generated in Western Civilization………:+(

Where are the “Fundamentalist Feminists” when we need them????………And Islam need them, exponentially, compared to the Western World……..:+(

In the West you got “domestic abuse” and “domestic violence” and it is intolerable, but, this is nowhere near being “institutionalized” as in Islam where Shariah instructs the family and their community, collectively, to “stone” to “death” their own daughters for imaginated trespassings……..:+(

Islam is a world where female clitoridian and/or vaginal orgasm is prohibited and controlled by pubescent ‘female circumcision” to maintain an “Un-eventful” “babies factories” humming at top productvity……;+(

Of course, all this is sanctionned by the “stoning to death” of the community rules violators…….;+(

Western women emancipation is NOT easy and it is still a “work in progress”……;+(

However, Women Condition in the West is nowhere as “abysmal” as in Islam……:+(

What do we “really” do about it ?????……..

One major hurdle is the fact that civilizational and cultural bias, like in Islam (sunni and shia) and Communism, are deeply “ingrained””worldwide””sectarian””despotic””prejudices” that even “education” and/or “reeducation” are powerless to make positive changes…….;+)

Islam and Communism have somthing in common, among many other dictatorial and abusive things: “Taqivya”….

In Islam, taqiyya تقية (alternative spellings taqiyehtaqiyataqiyahtuqyah) is a form of religious dissimulation,[1] or a legal dispensation whereby a believing individual can deny his faith or commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts while they are in fear or at risk of significant persecution.”

Do NOT expect to “reeducate”muslims and communists, unfortunately. :+(

They pass on their thinking to others, exponentially, and bring in light their common solution toward people they cannot convert,”genocidal” “eradication”.:+(



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