The “Ebola Crisis Sitcom” would Be Comical If it Was NOT So Deadly – 11/02/2014

Fof Your Information (FYI)(No, NOT “post-Halloween entertainment”…….)

““Paramount to the guidelines’ effectiveness is the inclusion of mandatory training on the putting on, taking off and decontaminating of PPE, followed by mentoring for all users before engaging in any clinical care,” said Edward Kelley, WHO’s director for service delivery and safety.”

“It might seem like you can never have too many layers, but the gear is hot and hard to move around in.”

“And a hot, tired worker makes mistakes. “This process is not an easy process, and you are the most fatigued when you are taking off your material,” Fauci said. “That’s a time when you are very vulnerable.””

“Fauci agrees with Collins — caring for Ebola patients is not work for amateurs. “I would say categorically that unless you have rehearsed, you should not do it,” Fauci told NBC News.”

In July, Frieden said any U.S. hospital should be able to care for an Ebola patient. Fauci disagrees. “You don’t expect every single hospital in the country to be able to fully take care of an Ebola patient, but you expect the clinics and emergency rooms to be able to recognize when an Ebola patient comes through the door or is carried through the door,” Fauci said. The right thing to do is then get the patient to an appropriate facility, where staff have rehearsed how to safely care for such a patient.”

““When the outbreak came we were well-trained and suited to do this,” Fauci said. The NIH clinical center, Emory University Hospital and the Nebraska Medical Center all have special biocontainment units where staff are trained to care for patients with dangerous illnesses.”

In the case of Ebola, a BSL4 threat, the deadliest level, almost everybody, except those very few people already trained and certified, even the most experienced health practitioners are just that, “amateurs”…….:+(

Would you let just anybody operate on your brain? NO, of course not! This is the level of “discipline” in “protocols methods and procedures precision discipline” required to work with an Ebola threat……:+(

In Ebola deadly crisis, if you want to beat the crisis and survive, there is NO room for “political correctness (PC)””cowboys”, “adrenaline junkies””bungee jumpers” “survivor rush seekers” or “amateurs”!!! :+(

“An adrenaline junkie is somebody who appears to be addicted to endogenousepinephrine. The “high” is caused by self-inducing a fight-or-flight response by intentionally engaging in stressful or risky behavior, which causes a release of epinephrine by the adrenal gland. Adrenaline junkies appear to favor stressful activities for the release of epinephrine as a stress response. Whether or not the positive response is caused specifically by epinephrine is difficult to determine, as other catecholamines and endorphins are also released during the fight-or-flight response to such activities.”

Only “trained disciplined attentive professionals” have a chance to survive and, because they do, fight the disease effectively and efficiently, which in this case is the “real political correctness (PC)” to make the Ebola patients survive…..:+(

Now, you are telling us!……:+(

If this is so cumbersome and error-prone, where were you when the first Ebola crisis responders caught the disease by NOT being trained properly and died, for some “unfortunate” (talk about an “euphemism”for their friends, families and “significant others”) of them????……..:+(

In the “old Bushido days”,  in Japan, you would be required to commit “seppuku” (ritual suicide) as it is appropriate for “life ending very bad joke sitcom”……..:+(


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