Disgruntled US Citizens, Money Can NOT Buy You Love, Especially Overseas, Just make Sure Your “Walk” is REALLY matching Your “Talk” – 10/29/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE)(even though it might make you cry…..)

Disgruntled US Citizens, Money Can NOT Buy You Love, Especially Overseas. …..;+)

Just make Sure  Your “Walk” is REALLY matching Your “Talk” …….;+)

From where most people sit the USA seem “full of it” and “overextended”……;+)

USA need to get their house back in order, period, sorry……;+)

However, on the other hand, for the “selfies” “aficionados”,…. a “passport” as a “citizenship proof” should NOT be “just” “another” “credit card” that you pick up and discard when you find a “better deal” and/or  the “going gets tough”……;+)

Maybe, the “future ex-US Citizens” should remember the saying, even if it smacks of Hollywood “action” movies: “When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going” and “US Citizenship, as anything valuable in life, should be earned, NOT bought”. ;+)

Consequently, “real” US Citizens should make sure the US Federal Government is enforcing a “just” “US Citizenship RESPECTABILITY program” and STOP the new “carpetbaggers” mentality taking hold of the USA, today…..;+)

After all, on the Rio Grande Mexican Border, some “wetbacks” HUMAN BEINGS are dying, attempting to get in the very long run, even so illegally, the US Citizenship You so lightly discard…..:+(

And, most of all, it is a spit in the eyes of all those US military personnel who just spent their best years in South Korea, Philippines, Japan, Guam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe, Worldwide, just to protect the “freedom” that you, so lightly, take for granted……:+(

Spend more than twenty (20) years “overseas” and you will understand the values (maybe not so obvious, at first, to you) of being a US Citizen, why it does make a difference, and this is not “monetary”, and you will carry your nickname of “Ugly American” with pride, as if the US Citizens are “ugly”, the rest of the world cannot even watch themselves in a mirror, as the mirror would break down under their ugliness assault,,,,,,,;+)

Now, to join the “Ugly Americans” TV Series Fun, try to identify to which species the US Citizens near you belong to:

“The Ugly Americans universe features many different species including those that were created for the series. Some of these creatures appear only briefly in episodes, often only as background characters. Among the different species in the Ugly Americans universe are:

  • Amoebas – In this show, the Amoebas are around the size of humans.
  • Angels – They act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God. They are conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.
  • Ant People – A race of humanoid ants.
  • Arm Horns –
  • Ass Heads – A race of creatures with butts in place of their heads.
  • Bacterias – The Bacterias are shown in humanoid appearances and are the size of humans.
  • Bat Boys – A species of bat-like creatures that each has a humanoid head.
  • Bee People – A race of humanoid bees.
  • Belly Arms –
  • Blobs – A species that comes from humans that have been altered by the polluted waters of New Jersey and gained a blobish appearance.
  • Branch Heads – A species of humanoid that have branches for heads, hands and feet.
  • Bunnycorns – A species of humanoid rabbits with unicorn-like horns. One Bunnycorn works as a janitor.
  • Carrot Men – A species of carrots with humanoid limbs.
  • Cat Burglars – A species of humanoid cats who live off by underworld activities. In “The Dork Knight,” one female Cat Burglar named Sabrina Maroney was a spoof of Batman villain Catwoman.
  • Chicken People – A species of humanoid chickens.
  • Clones – Clones of other people.
  • Crocodile People – A species of humanoid crocodiles. A Crocodile Woman works at the Department of Integration.
  • Cyclopes – A species of one-eye humanoids.
  • Demons – A species of evil supernatural beings with horns on their heads.
  • Demon Snake – A Demon Snake named Slitherax is often targeted by Demons who want to swallow it in order to become the leader of Hell.
  • Dog People – A race of humanoid dogs.
  • Dolphin People – A species of humanoid dolphins.
  • Elephant People – A race of humanoid elephants.
  • Elephant Trunk People – A race of humans with elephant trunks.
  • Eyeball Heads –
  • Faceginas – A race of headless females with multiple breasts, blue skin, and a face where the vagina should be.
  • Fish People – A species of creatures that have the head and fins of fish and the lower bodies of humans.
  • Flamingo People – A species of flamingo-headed people.
  • Floating Brains – A species of creatures that each only has a brain, a stem and one eye, and floats in mid-air.
  • Fly People – A species of insectoids with fly-like wings.
  • Frog People – A race of humanoid frogs.
  • Giant Babies – A species of giant-sized babies.
  • Giant Sandwiches –
  • Giraffe Necks – A race of people who have the necks and horns of giraffes.
  • Goose People – A species of humanoid geese.
  • Gorgons – A species of female creatures that each has snakes for hair and a snake’s tail for lower body.
  • Hand Heads – A species of humans with hand-shaped heads.
  • Haunted Houses – A species of supernatural houses that have lives of their own and can move objects inside themselves with telekinesis.
  • Hook Heads – A species of humanoids that each has a large hook for the head and hooks for hands.
  • Horned Wolf People –
  • Humans – The humans are the main species in this show with some of the main characters being humans.
  • Hydra People – A race of humanoid hydras.
  • Intelligent Trees –
  • Jelly People –
  • Koala People – A species of humanoid koalas.
  • Krakens – A green colossal six-eyed squid monster.
  • Land Whales – A type of whale that have four legs and walk on land.
  • Living Moai – A species of moai-headed humanoids.
  • Mailbox Heads – A race of humanoids with mailboxes for heads.
  • Manbirds – A species of humanoid birds with wings instead of arms that speak in vulgarities and eat coins of all kinds. Their descriptions is what makes them different from other Bird People.
  • Mermaids – A species of female humanoids that each has a fish’s tail for her lower body.
  • Mummies – A species of living mummies.
  • Necromancers – A magical species that each has a skull for a head.
  • Party Heads – A race of three-eyed humanoids with party hats for a head. One Party Head named Joyce works for the Department of Birthdays.
  • Penguin People – A race of humanoid penguins. In “The Dork Knight,” a penguin person named Oswalt works as Sabrina Maroney’s accountant and is a spoof of Batman villain Penguin.
  • Phallusoids – A species of one-eyed humanoids with erected penis-like heads.
  • Pig People – A species of humanoid pigs.
  • Potato Men – A species of humanoid potatoes with eyes all over their bodies.
  • Robots – A race of machines that resemble humans and are able to replicate certain human movements and functions.
  • Scuba People –
  • Shark People – A race of humanoid sharks.
  • Skeletons – A species of undead skeletons.
  • Skink People – A race of humanoid skinks.
  • Squash Heads – A race of humans with the heads of squash.
  • Squids – In this show, the Squids are large and are able to talk.
  • Succubi – The succubi are an offspring of a human and a demon.
  • Treetures – A species of immobile intelligent trees that each has a very large network of roots under the ground.
  • Triclopes – A species of three-eyed humans.
  • Trolls – A species of giant humanoids with green skin which like to speak in riddles.
  • Two-Face People – A species of humans that each with two heads merged into one and therefore with three eyes, two noses, two mouths and two ears. In “The Dork Knight,” one Two-Faced Person named Harlan/Melvin was a parody of Batman villain Two-Face.
  • Two-Headed Worm Creatures – A species of humanoid worms with two heads, three legs, and two butts.
  • Upside-Down Heads –
  • Vampires – In this show, the vampires are rumored to control all blood banks, the shadow government, the television news, the press, and even the web. Also, the sunlight has no harm to the vampires as one vampire states that he merely sparkle in the sun and another vampire was seen applying large amounts of sunblock when sunbathing.
  • Warlocks – A species of magical humanoids with two horns on the head.
  • Werewolves – The werewolves are bipedal wolves that used to be human yet still think like humans. Contrary to most werewolves in folk tales and modern media, the werewolves of this show permanently stay in their form.
  • Wizards – A human-like species that, while each can reproduce like humans, can also do so by laying an egg.



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