The USA New Aging, When Falling Down Protection Programs Are Reserved for Rich Seniors – 11/03/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE) ;+)……
(Especially if you are a Senior US Citizen skeptical of AARP and Retirement Communities run by “Non-Profit””Humanitarian” organizations and “all that hogwash jazz”)……..;+)

“Everyone who applies to live there must pass a health assessment, which includes tests of cognition, gait and balance. (Depending on the type of care and apartment size, the entrance fee ranges from $142,000 to $686,000, and the monthly fee from $3,300 to $6,300.)”

“The vast majority of residents, 265, are living in their own apartments, and 14 are in assisted living. There is also a 50-bed skilled-nursing section and a smaller one for residents with dementia.”

Total: 329

Only one question: “Who can afford it?”

“As senior citizens make up an ever-greater proportion of the U.S. population, a range of economic and social shifts will unfold and change American society. For example, total health care spending will rise significantly: In 2010 those 65 and older spent about $18,424 per person on personal health care, “about three times more than the average working-age adult and about five times more than the average child,” according to a 2014 study in the journal Health Affairs.”

“Key findings from the report include:

  • The number of senior citizens is on the rise: In 2010, there were 40.3 million people aged 65 and above, comprising 13% of the overall population. (This total is 12 times the number it was in 1900, when this group constituted only 4.1% of the population.) By 2050, projections indicate the population over 65 will comprise 20.9% of the population.
  • In 2010, states with the highest percentage of older people in their populations (all above 15%) included Florida, West Virginia, Maine and Pennsylvania.
  • The Great Recession affected this group in a number of ways: Homeownership rates declined for the overall population after the 2006 peak, but remained constant for Americans over 65. Similarly, unemployment rates were lower for older workers, who managed to stay mostly employed during the recession. In 2010, the employment rate for the group actually rose to 16.2%, an increase from 2005 (14.5%).
  • However, this older group also experienced an increase in unemployment rates just before the 2007-2009 recession. During this period, the unemployment rate for those 65 to 69 rose from 3.3% in 2007 to 7.6% in 2010. If workers aged 55 and older became unemployed, it took them longer to find new jobs.
  • In 2010, for every 100 people, there were 45 who were younger than age 20 and 22 people aged 65 or older, meaning that there were four and a half workers supporting each older person. As more Baby Boomers turn 65, this ratio is projected to increase dramatically, leaving fewer working people for every older one.
  • The racial diversity of senior citizens continues to increase. Those who described themselves as “white alone” decreased from 86.9% in 2000 to 84.8% in 2010, with other racial groups increasing or maintaining the same percentages. This trend is expected to continue over the next 40 years — for example, 18.4% of the population aged 65 and older will be Hispanic by 2050.
  • While life expectancy has risen in the United States, it has done so at a slower pacethan in other high-income countries, despite of the fact that the U.S. spends 17.9% of its GDP on health care, more than any other developed nation.
  • Heavy smoking was estimated to explain 78% of the life expectancy gap for women and 41% for men in the U.S. and other high-income countries: “The current cohort of older Americans was alive 50 years ago, when Americans smoked more frequently than people living in Japan or Europe. Smoking habits in the United States were likely reinforced by social and economic factors, such as a driving culture … soil conditions well suited for growing tobacco, and the relatively low price of tobacco.”
  • Death rates for the older population also seem to vary by race. In 2010, they were lower for whites than blacks from ages 55 to 84, but lower among blacks at ages 85 and over.”

““While global aging represents a triumph of medical, social and economic advances,” the authors write, “it also presents tremendous challenges that affect economic growth, formal and informal social support systems and the ability of states and communities to provide resources for older citizens. Both individuals and society need to prepare for population aging; the cost of waiting — financial and social — could be overwhelming.””

And with the Global Environmental Issue of Polar Ice Melting, you cannot afford the old USA Alaska Inuit/Eskimos solution of stranding the seniors on icebergs. The icebergs are melting faster than the seniors freeze, and the seniors keep swimming back ashore, increasing rhe issue of seniors over-population…;+)

In other parts of the USA such as, Camp Hope: Las Cruces, New Mexico,  Dignity Village, Oregon, California,  St. Petersburg, Florida, Olympia, Washington,  Seattle, Washington,  King County, Washington, Transition Park, Camden, New Jersey,    “tent cities” are the new “Homeless Seniors” solution…….;+)

But the USA are an “Equal Opportunity Housing for Homeless Seniors” Nation…….;+)

“Tent cities are also found in the following cities:  Ann Arbor, MichiganChattanooga, TennesseeColumbus, OhioAthens, GeorgiaReno, NevadaSierra Vista, ArizonaProvidence, Rhode IslandSacramento, CaliforniaSan Diego, CaliforniaLakewood, New JerseyLowell, MassachusettsHuntsville, AlabamaNashville, TennesseeSt. Louis, Missouri; and Ft. Worth, Texas
The Umoja Village, built by Take Back the Land, was a shantytown in Miami created to protest gentrification and a lack of low-income housing in Miami.”

Maybe the new single distinctive skill to get hired, as a senior, is “work for food,very cheap, almost free, no attachment, has tent, will travel”…….;+)

It gives new meaning for the seniors to “God Bless These United States of America, the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave…..”  ;+)

Nobody mentioned “merciful” to seniors. I guess nobody’s perfect…….;+)

I guess this is what one calls “tough love”……;+)

Only one “caveat”, usually in life, what “goes around”, “comes around”……;+)

Everybody will be old, one day, and the way it goes, there is a big chance to be “an old despondent homeless senior”, if nothing is done about it soon….:+(

Cheers!  ;+)


The “Ebola Crisis Sitcom” would Be Comical If it Was NOT So Deadly – 11/02/2014

Fof Your Information (FYI)(No, NOT “post-Halloween entertainment”…….)

““Paramount to the guidelines’ effectiveness is the inclusion of mandatory training on the putting on, taking off and decontaminating of PPE, followed by mentoring for all users before engaging in any clinical care,” said Edward Kelley, WHO’s director for service delivery and safety.”

“It might seem like you can never have too many layers, but the gear is hot and hard to move around in.”

“And a hot, tired worker makes mistakes. “This process is not an easy process, and you are the most fatigued when you are taking off your material,” Fauci said. “That’s a time when you are very vulnerable.””

“Fauci agrees with Collins — caring for Ebola patients is not work for amateurs. “I would say categorically that unless you have rehearsed, you should not do it,” Fauci told NBC News.”

In July, Frieden said any U.S. hospital should be able to care for an Ebola patient. Fauci disagrees. “You don’t expect every single hospital in the country to be able to fully take care of an Ebola patient, but you expect the clinics and emergency rooms to be able to recognize when an Ebola patient comes through the door or is carried through the door,” Fauci said. The right thing to do is then get the patient to an appropriate facility, where staff have rehearsed how to safely care for such a patient.”

““When the outbreak came we were well-trained and suited to do this,” Fauci said. The NIH clinical center, Emory University Hospital and the Nebraska Medical Center all have special biocontainment units where staff are trained to care for patients with dangerous illnesses.”

In the case of Ebola, a BSL4 threat, the deadliest level, almost everybody, except those very few people already trained and certified, even the most experienced health practitioners are just that, “amateurs”…….:+(

Would you let just anybody operate on your brain? NO, of course not! This is the level of “discipline” in “protocols methods and procedures precision discipline” required to work with an Ebola threat……:+(

In Ebola deadly crisis, if you want to beat the crisis and survive, there is NO room for “political correctness (PC)””cowboys”, “adrenaline junkies””bungee jumpers” “survivor rush seekers” or “amateurs”!!! :+(

“An adrenaline junkie is somebody who appears to be addicted to endogenousepinephrine. The “high” is caused by self-inducing a fight-or-flight response by intentionally engaging in stressful or risky behavior, which causes a release of epinephrine by the adrenal gland. Adrenaline junkies appear to favor stressful activities for the release of epinephrine as a stress response. Whether or not the positive response is caused specifically by epinephrine is difficult to determine, as other catecholamines and endorphins are also released during the fight-or-flight response to such activities.”

Only “trained disciplined attentive professionals” have a chance to survive and, because they do, fight the disease effectively and efficiently, which in this case is the “real political correctness (PC)” to make the Ebola patients survive…..:+(

Now, you are telling us!……:+(

If this is so cumbersome and error-prone, where were you when the first Ebola crisis responders caught the disease by NOT being trained properly and died, for some “unfortunate” (talk about an “euphemism”for their friends, families and “significant others”) of them????……..:+(

In the “old Bushido days”,  in Japan, you would be required to commit “seppuku” (ritual suicide) as it is appropriate for “life ending very bad joke sitcom”……..:+(

The “Ebola Cowboys” and the Atavistic Popular Scare of Epidemics – 10/31/2014

For Your Information (FYI) (you cannot be entertained by real popular fear and panic, even on Halloween……)

“A common manifestation of mass hysteria occurs when a group of people believe they are at risk of or already suffering from a similar disease or ailment, sometimes referred to as mass psychogenic illness or epidemic hysteria….”

During the MedievaL “Black Death” Plague the patients and the people who cared for them, doctors, nurses, families and friends, were all “ostracized” and, in the best cases, “quarantined”(in the Churches “Miracles Courts”(“Cour des Miracles”)), otherwise, put immediately to death by “mobs”……

It seems inconceivable that the psychological and sociological dimensions of a Bio-Security Level 4 threat, the highest and most dangerous for a population due for its potential death rate of 70%, like Ebola, were not taken in consideration in the protocols to recruit, train, send and recuperate/reintegrate after field operation the personnel that were exposed or had the potential to be exposed to the virus in West Africa.

It is very surprising that health professionals, that should know better, refuse “quarantine” for themselves, when they applied it, hopefully thoroughly, to the patients in their care in West Africa.

Well organized “Quarantine” is not a “dirty” word and when it is well managed, it is the safest way into and out of an epidemic with the minimum of danger and pain…..

It does NOT have to be viewed as an attack to private liberty, but, instead an enforcement of the saying “individual freedom starts and stops at the limits of another individual one”……….

Particularly, when that other “individual life” is potentially at risk and/or perceived as such, with the consequential potential of generating mass hysteria…..

If the isolation of suspected Ebola patients and the health care practitioners who care for them is organized appropriately as in the case of the US military, including major officials (Doctors, Nurses, Corpsmen, NCOs/COs up to their top CO the Major General) who have been in quarantine since their return, on rotation, from the West Africa nations stricken by Ebola, the “quarantine” would be just part of a well thought out process that was planned for it, including comfortable accommodations and activities for its duration (21 days or whatever the duration necessary)

Instead, we start to see some “Ebola Cowboys” behavior manifestations, even though they are understandable in light of the lack of appropriate enforced process and indecision, that compund the already spreading public prejudices against the lack of control of the Ebola treatment process, generating public panic toward the disease and discrimination toward the caregivers, even among their communities and previous friends……:+(

Ebola quarantine must be set up and rnforced with appropriate accommodations and activities to make it as bearable as possible.

It will, hopefully protect, both, the public from the perceived danger of Ebola spread by the potential patients and their caregivers, and the returning from West Africa and local USA, Ebola caregivers, from potential discrimination, ostracism and even attacks.

Of course, the “quarantine” process has to be spotlighted to make sure the public gradually overcome its fears and consequential prejudices……..;+)

Another Very Successful “Luc” (NO, Not “Lucky Luke”, Again) – 10/30/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE)(this time it is realy true…..)

“Luc Besson on Lucy: ‘If you find yourself asking what’s real and what isn’t, I’ve won’ – video interview ”

“Considered the French equivalent of Steven Spielberg, filmmaker Luc Besson has a reputation for creating fast-paced, ultra-stylish, and hugely budgeted films with mass appeal. The son of two scuba instructors, he was born in Paris on March 18, 1959, and spent most of his youth following his parents on the club Med circuit between Greece and Yugoslavia. Like his parents, Besson was an avid diver. At the age of ten, he swam with a wild dolphin while his parents were on a dive. The experience so moved him that he decided to devote his life to observing and understanding the sea mammals by becoming a marine biologist. Living in such close harmony with the ocean had a profound effect on Besson; the idea for his film The Big Blue was born after an Italian filmmaker showed him footage of world champion free diver Jacques Mayol descending 92 meters on one breath of air. Before it became a screenplay, the film was a story Besson titled Le Petit Siren.”

“Besson’s dreams of becoming a marine biologist were dashed at the age of 17 after an accident that rendered him unable to dive. Following his recovery, he moved to Paris to finish school. While readjusting to city life, Besson discovered television and the cinema. They soon replaced his passion for the sea, and he decided to pursue a filmmaking career; after dropping out of school, he began seeing nearly a dozen films per week. He also began toying with the possibilities of Super-8 film. At 19, Besson went to Hollywood and spent three years working on and learning about American films. The influence of the experience led one critic to claim that Besson’s films are really just American films made in France. ”

“Later, Besson served in the military and subsequently spent three years as an assistant director. He also continued experimenting with different types of film and making an occasional music video. One of his short films, L’Avant-Dernier, was a precursor to his 1983 feature directorial debut, the grim, future-set, sci-fi drama Le Dernier Combat/The Last Battle (1983). Essentially a silent film boasting exceptional camerawork, it won two of the highest prizes awarded at the prestigious Avoriaz Science Fiction Film Festival and 18 more at various other international festivals. All in all, it marked an amazingly auspicious debut for its 24-year-old director. Around the time he was making the film, Besson also founded his own production company, Films of the Wolf.”

“Besson’s second film, Subway (1985), was a freewheeling and funny crime drama set entirely within the Paris Metro that examined the lives of the punks and fringe dwellers who lived there. In tone and style, the film has been compared to a rock video and has become a cult favorite in France. Besson then went all out for his third film, The Big Blue (1988), which was shot in English. Considered his most personal work, it reflected 12 years of development and was heavily influenced by his experience of seeing the Mayol film and a later meeting with the great diver. The ocean plays a primary role in the story about a free-diver who must choose between his love for a woman and his passion for the sea. An unprecedented success in Europe, the film bombed in the U.K. and the U.S. largely due to inept editing, a different ending, and a new soundtrack; even in its mutilated form, however, the movie could still be appreciated for Besson’s use of his trademark breathtaking wide-angle shots. The director later received some degree of justice when a three-hour director’s cut was released.”

“Besson’s biggest hit came in 1990 with Nikita (or La Femme Nikita, as it was known in the U.S.), the lightning-paced tale of a troubled young woman who is turned into a sophisticated and deadly government assassin. Starring Besson’s then-wife Anne Parillaud, the film was a sexy, intelligent thriller. It was no surprise, therefore, that it inspired a U.S. remake, Point of No Return (1993), and a television ”

Even Luc Besson, in a way, could sing with “Lucky Luke”:

I’m a poor lonesome cowboy
I’ve a long long way from home
And this poor lonesome cowboy
Has got a long long way to home
Over mountains and over prairies
From dawn ’til day is done
My horse and me keep riding
Into this settin’ sun
I’m a poor lonesome cowboy
But it doesn’t bother me
‘Cause this poor lonesome cowboy
Prefers a horse for company
Bot nothing against women
But I wave them all goodbye
My horse and me keep riding
We don’t like being tied
[Lonesome cowboy]
[You’ve a long long way to go]
[To go …]
[To go]

Disgruntled US Citizens, Money Can NOT Buy You Love, Especially Overseas, Just make Sure Your “Walk” is REALLY matching Your “Talk” – 10/29/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE)(even though it might make you cry…..)

Disgruntled US Citizens, Money Can NOT Buy You Love, Especially Overseas. …..;+)

Just make Sure  Your “Walk” is REALLY matching Your “Talk” …….;+)

From where most people sit the USA seem “full of it” and “overextended”……;+)

USA need to get their house back in order, period, sorry……;+)

However, on the other hand, for the “selfies” “aficionados”,…. a “passport” as a “citizenship proof” should NOT be “just” “another” “credit card” that you pick up and discard when you find a “better deal” and/or  the “going gets tough”……;+)

Maybe, the “future ex-US Citizens” should remember the saying, even if it smacks of Hollywood “action” movies: “When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going” and “US Citizenship, as anything valuable in life, should be earned, NOT bought”. ;+)

Consequently, “real” US Citizens should make sure the US Federal Government is enforcing a “just” “US Citizenship RESPECTABILITY program” and STOP the new “carpetbaggers” mentality taking hold of the USA, today…..;+)

After all, on the Rio Grande Mexican Border, some “wetbacks” HUMAN BEINGS are dying, attempting to get in the very long run, even so illegally, the US Citizenship You so lightly discard…..:+(

And, most of all, it is a spit in the eyes of all those US military personnel who just spent their best years in South Korea, Philippines, Japan, Guam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe, Worldwide, just to protect the “freedom” that you, so lightly, take for granted……:+(

Spend more than twenty (20) years “overseas” and you will understand the values (maybe not so obvious, at first, to you) of being a US Citizen, why it does make a difference, and this is not “monetary”, and you will carry your nickname of “Ugly American” with pride, as if the US Citizens are “ugly”, the rest of the world cannot even watch themselves in a mirror, as the mirror would break down under their ugliness assault,,,,,,,;+)

Now, to join the “Ugly Americans” TV Series Fun, try to identify to which species the US Citizens near you belong to:

“The Ugly Americans universe features many different species including those that were created for the series. Some of these creatures appear only briefly in episodes, often only as background characters. Among the different species in the Ugly Americans universe are:

  • Amoebas – In this show, the Amoebas are around the size of humans.
  • Angels – They act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God. They are conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.
  • Ant People – A race of humanoid ants.
  • Arm Horns –
  • Ass Heads – A race of creatures with butts in place of their heads.
  • Bacterias – The Bacterias are shown in humanoid appearances and are the size of humans.
  • Bat Boys – A species of bat-like creatures that each has a humanoid head.
  • Bee People – A race of humanoid bees.
  • Belly Arms –
  • Blobs – A species that comes from humans that have been altered by the polluted waters of New Jersey and gained a blobish appearance.
  • Branch Heads – A species of humanoid that have branches for heads, hands and feet.
  • Bunnycorns – A species of humanoid rabbits with unicorn-like horns. One Bunnycorn works as a janitor.
  • Carrot Men – A species of carrots with humanoid limbs.
  • Cat Burglars – A species of humanoid cats who live off by underworld activities. In “The Dork Knight,” one female Cat Burglar named Sabrina Maroney was a spoof of Batman villain Catwoman.
  • Chicken People – A species of humanoid chickens.
  • Clones – Clones of other people.
  • Crocodile People – A species of humanoid crocodiles. A Crocodile Woman works at the Department of Integration.
  • Cyclopes – A species of one-eye humanoids.
  • Demons – A species of evil supernatural beings with horns on their heads.
  • Demon Snake – A Demon Snake named Slitherax is often targeted by Demons who want to swallow it in order to become the leader of Hell.
  • Dog People – A race of humanoid dogs.
  • Dolphin People – A species of humanoid dolphins.
  • Elephant People – A race of humanoid elephants.
  • Elephant Trunk People – A race of humans with elephant trunks.
  • Eyeball Heads –
  • Faceginas – A race of headless females with multiple breasts, blue skin, and a face where the vagina should be.
  • Fish People – A species of creatures that have the head and fins of fish and the lower bodies of humans.
  • Flamingo People – A species of flamingo-headed people.
  • Floating Brains – A species of creatures that each only has a brain, a stem and one eye, and floats in mid-air.
  • Fly People – A species of insectoids with fly-like wings.
  • Frog People – A race of humanoid frogs.
  • Giant Babies – A species of giant-sized babies.
  • Giant Sandwiches –
  • Giraffe Necks – A race of people who have the necks and horns of giraffes.
  • Goose People – A species of humanoid geese.
  • Gorgons – A species of female creatures that each has snakes for hair and a snake’s tail for lower body.
  • Hand Heads – A species of humans with hand-shaped heads.
  • Haunted Houses – A species of supernatural houses that have lives of their own and can move objects inside themselves with telekinesis.
  • Hook Heads – A species of humanoids that each has a large hook for the head and hooks for hands.
  • Horned Wolf People –
  • Humans – The humans are the main species in this show with some of the main characters being humans.
  • Hydra People – A race of humanoid hydras.
  • Intelligent Trees –
  • Jelly People –
  • Koala People – A species of humanoid koalas.
  • Krakens – A green colossal six-eyed squid monster.
  • Land Whales – A type of whale that have four legs and walk on land.
  • Living Moai – A species of moai-headed humanoids.
  • Mailbox Heads – A race of humanoids with mailboxes for heads.
  • Manbirds – A species of humanoid birds with wings instead of arms that speak in vulgarities and eat coins of all kinds. Their descriptions is what makes them different from other Bird People.
  • Mermaids – A species of female humanoids that each has a fish’s tail for her lower body.
  • Mummies – A species of living mummies.
  • Necromancers – A magical species that each has a skull for a head.
  • Party Heads – A race of three-eyed humanoids with party hats for a head. One Party Head named Joyce works for the Department of Birthdays.
  • Penguin People – A race of humanoid penguins. In “The Dork Knight,” a penguin person named Oswalt works as Sabrina Maroney’s accountant and is a spoof of Batman villain Penguin.
  • Phallusoids – A species of one-eyed humanoids with erected penis-like heads.
  • Pig People – A species of humanoid pigs.
  • Potato Men – A species of humanoid potatoes with eyes all over their bodies.
  • Robots – A race of machines that resemble humans and are able to replicate certain human movements and functions.
  • Scuba People –
  • Shark People – A race of humanoid sharks.
  • Skeletons – A species of undead skeletons.
  • Skink People – A race of humanoid skinks.
  • Squash Heads – A race of humans with the heads of squash.
  • Squids – In this show, the Squids are large and are able to talk.
  • Succubi – The succubi are an offspring of a human and a demon.
  • Treetures – A species of immobile intelligent trees that each has a very large network of roots under the ground.
  • Triclopes – A species of three-eyed humans.
  • Trolls – A species of giant humanoids with green skin which like to speak in riddles.
  • Two-Face People – A species of humans that each with two heads merged into one and therefore with three eyes, two noses, two mouths and two ears. In “The Dork Knight,” one Two-Faced Person named Harlan/Melvin was a parody of Batman villain Two-Face.
  • Two-Headed Worm Creatures – A species of humanoid worms with two heads, three legs, and two butts.
  • Upside-Down Heads –
  • Vampires – In this show, the vampires are rumored to control all blood banks, the shadow government, the television news, the press, and even the web. Also, the sunlight has no harm to the vampires as one vampire states that he merely sparkle in the sun and another vampire was seen applying large amounts of sunblock when sunbathing.
  • Warlocks – A species of magical humanoids with two horns on the head.
  • Werewolves – The werewolves are bipedal wolves that used to be human yet still think like humans. Contrary to most werewolves in folk tales and modern media, the werewolves of this show permanently stay in their form.
  • Wizards – A human-like species that, while each can reproduce like humans, can also do so by laying an egg.