When Everything in the US Government Seems to Have “Lame Duck” written All Over It – 10/18/2014

“A lame duck is an elected official who is approaching the end of his or her tenure, especially one whose successor has already been elected.(at least in the mind of the electorate…..)”

“The Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and its arrival in the United States, is the latest in a cascade of crises that have stretched Mr. Obama’s national security staff thin. As the White House scrambled to stop the spread of Ebola beyond a handful of cases, officials were also grappling with an escalating military campaign against the Islamic State, the specter of a new Cold War with Russia over Ukraine, and the virtual disintegration of Yemen, which has been a seedbed for Al Qaeda.”
“Senior officials said they pushed Mr. Obama to name an Ebola coordinator as a way of easing pressure on the staff at the National Security Council.”


“Today, we have an Ebola czar but no surgeon general. There is an acting surgeon general, Rear Admiral Boris Lushniak, but in light of the Ebola outbreak and panic, he hasn’t stepped up in the way a confirmed surgeon general would be expected to. The public face of the Ebola response has, instead, become Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, whose efforts have come under criticism since two nurses contracted the disease from contact with a patient being treated in Dallas.”


“Reassuring the nation over health issues should be the job of the surgeon general, who, as the “nation’s doctor,” is supposed to inform Americans about diseases and allay their fears about catching them.”

““Part of the challenge is to be assertive, to be in command, and yet not feed a kind of panic that could easily evolve here,” said David Axelrod, a close adviser to the president in his first term. “It’s not enough to doggedly and persistently push for answers in meetings. You have to be seen doggedly and persistently pushing for answers.””

“The “Ebola Czar” appointment followed the president’s statement Thursday that the job was necessary “just to make sure that we are crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s going forward.”

Unfortunately, if you ask any successful “crisis/conflict manager”, the most important is the “process” “already in place”, not, the people who are panicking in rushing to use it.

Especially when the “process” doesn’t, or barely, exist, and, the people have no clue about it, as they never have been trained on it………:+(

BTW, where is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ?????..

It seems FEMA has two (2) strikes for a new reorganization after the New Orleans Katrina debacle and now Dallas Ebola……:+(

CDC is following close behind…..:+(

God forbids the US gets another Nuclear, Biological, Chemical strike with such lack of “process” competence…..:+(

Really, makes you wonder about the “wackos” “preppers” reasons validity……:+(

In conflicts and combat, and, unfortunately, make no mistake, this is one,  there is such a disastrous thing as “losing the initiative”, and, unfortunately, again, this seems to be what happened to a weary US president and his staff…….:+(



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