Highly Educated UN-Employment, The New USA Economic Epidemic Scourge – 10/13/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE), sort of, unless You are among the today’s “unemployed/unemployable”. :+(

The main issue in today’s job market is the fact that even when you manage the extraordinary feast of getting a job, most of  the contractual/part-time jobs, even if you get a “collection” of them, do NOT cover workers “real life” minimum living expenses, on a long term sustainable basis.

Evreybody, even those “piggybacking” on family and/or friends needs money to cover expenses  like rent, utilities, car payments, used items replacement (big boxes, small boxes, housewares of any kind, clothing) and that forces a lot of people into food stamps when they are not queuing for “meals on wheels” and homeless shelters……….:+(

We monitor the Dow-Jones or the S&P 500, when we should be alarmed by the number of “master’s” diplomas in the homeless and unemployed/under-employed/unemployable lines as they illustrate, much more accurately, the presently actually “dysfunctional””consumers driven”US Economy “fundamentals”of “offer and demand”…….:+(

For the “offer/supply” side (the economic entities in the Stock Exchange) to continue to exist without “artificial” means, the “demand/consume/order” side has to have the means to “pay” for the items and services “consumed” on a sustainable basis…….:+(

No consumers means no corporate income and government taxes without “artificial” actions from the government that will ultimately end as they are un-sustainable…….:+(

If a majority of potential “consumers” don’t have a job with income to spare, you may play with the stock exchange and/or the money supply, as much and as long as you want, but, sooner or later, the “chicken will come home to roost” and your “recession” will, in fact, be your biggest “Economical Ebola””depression”, ever…….:+(



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