Ebola Prophylaxis: It’s the Process, the Exacting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to Implement It, the Training about them and their Enforcement! Duh! ;+) – 10/21/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE) (sort of, if you are still alive……)

“Good Things Come to Those Who Can Afford to Wait”……….;+)

We are witnessing the epiphany (the realization) that the Ebola prophylaxis is in the Process, the Exacting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to Implement It, the Training about Them and Their Enforcement……Duh!  ;+)

“”We need to increase the margin of safety,” Frieden said. He described it as an “almost ritualistic” approach. Gear must be wiped down with a virus-killing wipe before it comes off, and everyone will be told to take a shower after they get the PPE off, he said.”

“Health care workers are at especially high risk of catching Ebola because they are in very close contact with patients who are vomiting, sweating profusely and suffering diarrhea from the virus. Virus-laden droplets can get onto hands and into the eyes, nose and mouth if caregivers don’t take the gear off precisely.”

“The enhanced guidance is centered on three principles: All healthcare workers undergo rigorous training and are practiced and competent with PPE, including taking it on and off in a systemic manner; No skin exposure when PPE is worn; All workers are supervised by a trained monitor who watches each worker taking PPE on and off,” CDC said in a statement.”

“All patients treated at Emory University Hospital, Nebraska Medical Center and the NIH Clinical Center have followed the three principles. None of the workers at these facilities have contracted the illness.”

“t’s not so much which particular equipment is used, says Frieden. More important is that it is used correctly.
“Anybody who is going to work with them is going to be trained in and demonstrate competency in anything they are going to be putting on and taking off,” Frieden said. “Second, no skin may be exposed when PPE (personal protective equipment) is worn,” he added. Every nurse, doctor or technician putting on or taking off PPE must be watched by another trained expert.”

It may be important to stress the lack of infrastructure in the field, in Africa, compounded by lack of training and lack of supplies……..:+(

One thing the picture is emphasizing, in showing  US military personnel PPE (the “space suit’)training for Ebola is “discipline” in SOPs, which should be no problem for people used to disarm IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) in the worst uncomfortable situations…….(BTW, Ebola could be seen as a new “biological” form of IED).

“A device incorporating biological materials designed to result in the dispersal of vector borne biological material for the purpose of creating a primary patho-physiological toxic effect (morbidity and mortality), or secondary psychological effect (causing fear and behavior modification) on a larger population. Such devices are fabricated in a completely improvised manner.”

“Hurrah!” if you are a US MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) “0311 – Basic Rifleman””grunt” ;+) (Oorah! if you are a USMC personnel “Jarhead”) ;+)

There is no surprise that all this Ebola situation is a “clusterfuck””charlie foxtrot”” “SNAFU” (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up”) but hopefully NOT “FUBAR” (Fucked Up Beyond All Repair)……;+)

Of course, it is a “pougue” fault………;+)



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