s Waiting for the “Dry” Relatively “Cooler” Season, How Governments Want to Control “Sweat” in Ebola Most Likely Transmission – 10/02/2014

One thing that keeps slipping through the fingers of Ebola investigators and journalists alike, is the fact that, even if  airborne is not as prevalent as in other viruses transmission mode, one factor is very much minimized in the news to prevent public panic, sweat……..:+(

The WHO and the US CDCP are weary of creating panic and go outside of their way to explain why the Ebola countries should NOT be “quarantined”…….:+(

However, if you live in a Tropical and/or Equatorial Low Developing Country (LDC) you are more likely than not going to experience a lack of air conditioning (A/C), at one point or another, in your daily life……..:+(

Even locals can “sweat” “profusely”, particularly if they do manual tasks, as most locals do,  in temperatures staying at 43 degrees Celsius/109.5 degrees Fahrenheit, in the shade…….:+(

This complicates two (2) issues:

  1. How do you keep the BSL-4 “space-suit” cool enough for average Ebola crisis helpers, who, most likely are coming from cooler climates, like Europe or America ?
  2. How do you prevent the transmission of Ebola through the “sweat” of travelers “incubating” using airlines to and from Europe, America and/or any other continent ?

It is perfectly understandable to try to avoid panic in the public.

However, you still need to “quarantine” because “sweat” and “saliva” are somewhat more controllable than “air”, but, still, need to be controlled in an environment where “BSL-4 spacesuits” are not “climatized” and require the wearer to cool-off, at regular periods, to eliminate the “sweat”.

This is when the “towels used to dry” the “spacesuits walkers” need to be particularly well controlled by a process avoiding the human error of “sharing” by “mistake” or by “lack of sufficient supplies”…..:+(

The “human factors” “errors” possibilities in this very “cumbersome” environment of Ebola sufferers treatment extend to the lack of “triage” accuracy of the passengers on international airlines flights and transition airports.:+(

In the “developed” countries, like Europe, the US or Canada, depending on the health insurance coverage of a potential Ebola patient, the temptation is great for “un-informed” and/or “scared” health practitioners, to dismiss the symptoms and “mis-diagnosed” Ebola, intentionally or not, so their health institutions don’t carry the burden to treat a very costly and very life-threatening scarily unknown very contagious disease epidemic…….:+(

The sophistication of the TSA “continuously improved” program against terrorism has made some people forget that we are dealing with a BSL-4 threat, not with a potential bomb threat that, once located can be contained and disguarded……:+(

Ebola can prove more dangerous than the 2000-911 attacks as it already reached the casualties statistics of 2000-911 and, unfortunately, is poised for more…….:+(

“Quarantine” is still avoided, but, unfortunately, it may prove to be the next solution step as the 1.4 million expected casualties by January 2015 in Afica alone, could climb even higher, if it goes “global”, as it might……:+(


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