If it Walks Like a Duck, Swims Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck, It may be A Duck – 10/07/2014

Duck test is a humorous term for a form of inductive reasoning. This is its usual expression:

“If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

“The test implies that a person can identify an unknown subject by observing that subject’s habitual characteristics. It is sometimes used to counter abstruse, or even valid, arguments that something is not what it appears to be.”

“I have a question about Ebola. I’ve read that multiple states and organizations have successfully weaponized Ebola, primarily the Soviet Union. The most ‘reputable’ source I have found on this is the book Biohazard, written by Ken Alibek, who was the First Deputy Director of Biopreparat, the USSR’s biological weapons resource program that is said to have had as many as 32,000 scientists working for them. Particularly, I was wondering if anyone has come across any other ‘reputable’ sources of Ebola being weaponized, or even more specifically, the combination of Ebola and Smallpox that was reported to have been created by the Soviet Union as well by Alibek. ”

“Actually Ebola is EXTREMELY easily spread through contact. That’s why it’s a big time scare when an outbreak occurs in Africa. Their general culture has a part where they touch their dead before burial. It is hard for the scientists that are sent there to stop the disease from spreading over and over because they want to touch their dead, which will contract the disease. In addition, many of them also don’t alert authorities when people have contracted the disease, and hide them in their houses, where the disease is also spread through contact. Furthermore, Nurse Mayinga, a nurse that was helping victims in Africa, who was in full protective gear as to protect her from contact with the patients and contraction of the disease, still contracted it, and is said to be the most powerful evidence that natural Ebola can be airborne among humans. It has already been proven that it can be airborne among monkeys as the virus was spread through an entire laboratory in the United States. The United States military was called to exterminate all of the monkeys in the facility, as they had all contracted the disease through ventilation systems which had spread it throughout the laboratory from a single monkey. I believe that this was a biological weapons research facility in the first place, which raises the thoughts that they probably had the monkeys there in the first place to experiment with Ebola. ”

“Just another note: the fact that the reason massive outbreaks don’t occur is because the people with the disease die too quickly to spread it is actually an urban myth. It actually has a 2-21 incubation period, with an average “time til death” of 6.2 days. Several reasons why massive outbreaks haven’t occured, at least yet, is because of the massive international reaction when an outbreak occurs. Many scientists are near-instantly flown to the outbreak and many, many measures are taken to contain the outbreak and stop it from spreading to the entire town. They have been mainly controlled so far, but like I said, if an outbreak were to occur in a city such as New York or Tokyo, it would be disastrous and uncontainable. ”

“Would it be possible for a terrorist to infect himself with Ebola and then board a jet to another country to spread it? as Suicide Ebola terrorists. ”

“It would be possible considering that Ebola actually has been weaponized. This could turn into a catastrophic disaster if they were to come to New York or LA (considering you are in the U.S.). On top of that, if the ‘fusion’ between Ebola and Smallpox has been created before as Ken Alibek claims in Biohazard, it would be incredibly easy for him to spread it to basically the entire city in a fairly short amount of time; and the mortality rate would be probably VERY close to 100%. ”

“Actually there is a short period between when a patient contracts Ebola and when he begins to show and feel symptoms of it. Especially if he knowingly contracted it, and quickly got on a flight. It’s harder when you unknowingly contract it from another individual because you don’t really know the exact time of contraction. It’s possible. ”

“The incubation period is 2-21 days…
Also, we’re talking about it being used as a BIOWEAPON suicide. Not contracting it from the natural environment, but biologically injected or forced into the system.
2-21 days could allow enough time to fly and go through airport checks and what not.
Also, it could be done within the city in the first place so that it wouldn’t be required to fly across great distances.
It’s possible.”

““May you live in interesting times” is an English expression purporting to be a translation of a traditional Chinesecurse. Despite being so common in English as to be known as “the Chinese curse”, the saying is apocryphal and no actual Chinese source has ever been produced. The nearest related Chinese expression is “太平做乱” (níng wéi tàipíng quǎn, mò zuò luànshì rén) which conveys the sense that it is “better to live as a dog in an era of peace than a man in times of war.””

The wish ,”may you live in interesting times”, has been heard beyond expectations…….:+(



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