Never Forgive”, “Never Forget” the Old World Philosophy Revival – 07/28/2014

For Your Entertainment (FYE)

It all started with “God” “not forgiving” and “not forgetting” Adam and Eve…….and continues with Palestine, Israel, Muslims, Sunni and Shi’a, Jews, Judeo-Christians, Hindus, Capitalists, Communists, Blacks, Whites, Browns and Yellows, you name it, everybody is, sooner or later, following the “Credo”, “Never Forgive”, “Never Forget”…:+(

“God” must really have loved “his/her” “apples”…………….;+)

We dutifully follow “his/her” example, “as humans are made in God’s image”………(Genesis 1:27)  ;+)

1. It was not a physical likeness, but… “
2. It was a mental likeness.”
” 3. It was a moral likeness.”
4. It was a social likeness.”

Could it be that there was a translation mistake and “likeness” must be understood as “illness” and/or “sickness”?;+)

Even “Psychology Today” makes a case for “Never Forgive”, “Never Forget”……..;+)

“There are three types of healthy unforgivers. For moral unforgivers, refusing means telling the truth, asserting fundamental rights and opposing injustice. Psychologically detached unforgivers accept the painful reality that they cannot experience the positive internal connection with a betrayer–usually a parent–which forgiving would require. Reformed forgivers have faced conflicts between feelings, religious principles, ethics or social responsibilities, and reject the conventional attitudes they once accepted. None of these three types is vindictive or against forgiveness in principle; they share the capacity to forgive but do not exercise it indiscriminately.”

“Forgiveness and unforgiveness are not polar opposites but points on a continuum. The same internal processes can lead to emotionally authentic resolutions in either direction. Anyone who has gone through the profound and punishing process of conscious forgiving or not forgiving emerges more self-aware, more related to others, and less burdened by the past.”

“When it is genuine, forgiveness is a capacity, not a compulsion; this is why the same person can grant it or withhold it, depending on the circumstances. The ability to discriminate signifies maturity and freedom.”

“Madame de Stael was wrong. Understanding need not lead to forgiveness–but it can lead to wisdom.”

Let’s hope so, but, again, don’t hold your breath…….;+)


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