Is “Ebola” a “Global””Collective Delusion” or a Reminder of the Fact that Most of the World Outside of the West Was “Quarantine””Territory” with HIV/AIDS, Yellow Fever, Cholera, Bubonic Plague, Polio, Ebola and that the “Quarantine” Was Lifted for Politi – 08/02/2014

I still remember the time when it was a requirement to show your “Yellow Book”WHO/CDC yellow vaccinations booklet issued by the UN World Health Organization (WHO) and/or the US center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) before you could travel back and forth between Western Europe/USA and all the other parts of the world including Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Far East, Latin America…..

Since around 1965 things changed to satisfy the Political Correctness (PC), and today, the younger generations don’t even know what a “vaccination certificate” is for the sake of bringing the sacro-sanct “bucks” of the “global economy” through “conflicts refugees resettlement”,”tourism”,”business”,”immigration”…….

Did anyone mentioned the changes to the “plagues” that required all those prior vaccinations ????   ;+)

Global viruses and diseases, unfortunately, do NOT follow Political Correctness (PC)……..;+)

Should we believe that “Ebola” and “HIV/AIDS”and all the others, are “just””mass hysteria”,”mass psychogenic illness” ????  ;+)

OR, should we recognize that the governments, globally, bending to Political Correctness (PC) and greed, “jumped the gun” by lifting the travel requirements for vaccinations and eventual quarantine for travel destinations including Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Far East, Latin America, and, now,  even Western Europe and the USA and Canada, as they are already compromised  ??????……..;+)

When greed under the disguise of higher humanitarian principles is driving, bypassing the medical remedies research necessary to satisfy unprofitable vaccines requirements,such as Ebola, and others, all bets are off…….:+(

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