Trayvon Martin in Florida (USA) in 2013, Now Michael Brown in Missouri (USA) in 2014, So Far. – 08/18/2014

Are the USA revisiting a painful history of racial riots ?????  :+(

No US Citizen in a right state of mind would hope benefiting from racial riots, so who would be continuing “agitating”????? :+(

If we are not careful, maybe the US “melting pot” is melting itself down………..:+(

Would it be better????………..

“It is a particularly American phenomenon, many say, to label citizens by their ethnicity. When a person lived in El Salvador, for example, he or she saw themselves as a nationality. When they arrive in the United States, they become Hispanic or Latino. So too with Asians. Koreans and Cambodians find little in common, but when they arrive here they become “Asian,” and are counted and courted, encouraged or discriminated against as such. ”

“”My family has had trouble understanding that we are now Asians, and not Koreans, or people from Korea or Korean Americans, or just plain Americans,” said Arthur Lee, who owns a dry cleaning store in Los Angeles. “Sometimes, we laugh about it. Oh, the Asian students are so smart! The Asians have no interest in politics! Whatever. But we don’t know what people are talking about. Who are the Asians?” ”


“Many immigrant parents say that while they want their children to advance economically in their new country, they do not want them to become “too American.” A common concern among Haitians in South Florida is that their children will adopt the attitudes of the inner city’s underclass. Vietnamese parents in New Orleans often try to keep their children immersed in their ethnic enclave and try not to let them assimilate too fast.”

“One study of the children of immigrants, conducted among young Haitians, Cubans, West Indians, Mexican and Vietnamese in South Florida and Southern California, suggests the parents are not alone in their concerns. ”
“Asked by researchers Alejandro Portes and Ruben Rumbauthow how they identified themselves, most chose categories of hyphenated Americans. Few choose “American” as their identity.

Then there was this – asked if they believe the United States is the best country in the world, most of the youngsters answered: no. ”


Depression For Viet Nam Students Unable to Buy their Diploma?? – 08/17/2014

“Two senior officials of a center for continuing education in northern Vietnam have been dismissed for accepting a total of VND 1 billion (US$50,000) in bribes from 40 test-takers – some of whom they failed.”

“The test takers had reportedly paid VND28 million ($1,400) each to pass the test.”

“However, only seven actually passed the examination.”
“Members of the rest of the group later filed a written complaint with provincial leaders to bring the scandal to the public’s attention.”
“A survey of 1,727 secondary school students found that nearly 26 percent suffer mental problems.”
No wonder they are depressed,  if you pay that much good money and can’t even buy a passing grade at an exam……….;+)

Welcome to the Attempt at the New American Caliphate!!! – 08/17/2014

I can’t believe history is stuttering again, with a reminder of the ’60s and ’70s, the “New Black Panther Party” running in Ferguson, Missouri, bringing a state of emergency curfew and all this pain……..:+(

Once again, the USA Black community is playing feared hypocritical proxy for their old historic primary enslavers, Islam Muslims……:+(

“Chronically Disenfranchised” (because stripped of the citizen right to vote as in prison and/or refusing representation, preferring instead “revolution”) was the word then, and, probably, now……..:+(

However, with ISIS attempt at an Islam Caliphate, some of the slogans of some of the “perp”, are resonating….:+(

“Shabazz first came to widespread public attention in 1994, when Unity Nation, a student group he founded at Howard University, invited Khalid Abdul Muhammad, chairman of the New Black Panther Party, to speak.Introducing the speaker, Shabazz engaged in a call and response with the audience:

“Who is it that caught and killed Nat Turner?”
“The Jews!”
“Who is it that controls the Federal Reserve?”
“The Jews!”
“Who is it that has our entertainers… and our athletes in a vise grip?”
“The Jews!”

A year later, Shabazz told an interviewer that everything he said was true, with the possible exception of the assertion concerning Nat Turner.

“Shabazz followed Muhammad’s lead and joined the New Black Panther Party about 1997. When Muhammad, who greatly expanded the organization and rose to its chairmanship, died in early 2001, Shabazz took over as National Chairman.
The principles Shabazz purports to promote include the following:

“The Anti-Defamation League describes Shabazz as “anti-Semitic and racist” and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)’s Intelligence Project’s Intelligence Report, which monitors what the SPLC considers radical right hate groups and extremists in the United States has included Shabazz in its files since a 2002 Washington, D.C. protest at B’nai B’rith International at which Shabazz shouted: “Kill every goddamn Zionist in Israel! Goddamn little babies, goddamn old ladies! Blow up Zionist supermarkets.”

s Turkey a Sunni Jihadists Islam Fundamentalism “Trojan Horse” Into Europe? – 08/14/2014

“Now that U.S. forces are engaged in combat operations against Islamic State fighters in Iraq, the Obama administration must press ISIS on all fronts, targeting its financing, logistics, and weapons providers. Turkey — America’s ally and NATO member — is allegedly involved. Clarifying Turkey’s role would serve U.S.-Turkey relations. ”

“They say that unless a new “consensus” is reached, scandals along the lines of the Trojan Horse affair, involving hard-line Muslim groups attempting to take control of schools in Birmingham, could become more and more common. ”

Why Run Away from Viet Nam Paradise???!!! – 08/13/2014

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is………….;+)

Are some people trying to see whether the USA will send people back to Viet Nam testing the comfort level of the relationship between the two countries, or trying to introduce a “mole” at the diplomatic level in the US ????   ;+)

Cold War Reminiscence, anyone?????!!!!   ;+)

Attempt at Recharging US Social Security by Inducing “Survivor’s Guilt” to the Baby Boomers Who Didn’t Commit Suicide, Yet ???!!! – 08/13/2014

Don’t expect sympathy from the ex-Low Developing Countries (LDCs), now “Emerging Markets Countries”(EMCs). where, still, sixtythree (63) years old, the age of US Baby Boomer Robin Williams who committed suicide, is considered the life time of  “Methuselah”/”Mathusalem” when the longest life expectancy can be as short as fortyfive (45) years, a cut of eighteen (18) years to live, a life time for some……….:+(

That being said, I wonder, tongue-in-cheek, being a Baby Boomer myself and a Robin Williams fan who miss him dearly, whether, all this writing about Robin Williams suicide is not “an Attempt at Recharging US Social Security by Inducing “Survivor’s Guilt” to the Baby Boomers Who Didn’t Commit Suicide, Yet ???!!!  ;+)

Watch Out for World War Over Secularism and Religious Tolerance Endangerment – 08/11/2014

“Apocalypticism is the religious belief that there will be an apocalypse, a term which originally referred to a revelation of God’s will, but now usually refers to belief that the world will come to an end time very soon, even within one’s own lifetime. This belief is usually accompanied by the idea that civilization will soon come to a tumultuous end due to some sort of catastrophic global event.”

“Apocalypticism is often conjoined with esoteric knowledge that will likely be revealed in a major confrontation between good and evil forces, destined to change the course of history. Apocalypses can be viewed as good, evil, ambiguous or neutral, depending on the particular religion or belief systempromoting them. They can appear as a personal or group tendency, an outlook or a perceptual frame of reference, or merely as expressions in a speaker’s rhetorical style.”

However, in this new, very much, “apocalyptic-looking”, era of “Never Forgive, Never Forget”, the “genocide” of Kurdish Zoroastrian Yazidis at the hands of ISIS Sunni Muslims, throws us back to pre-islamic Mesopotamia history and the following “religious cleansing” that came up with the rise of Islam in the region……..:+(

Imagine what that can do to the West favorite secularism and religious tolerance spirit, culture and civilization,  if it spreads…….:+(

Remember “Muhammad’s” cartoons and the islamic “fatwa” condemning the cartoonists to death afterward, following Salman Rushdie “Satanic Verses” other controversial death “fatwa”, anyone ????!!! :+(

Things are getting even more complicated with the Turkey Presidential Elections putting back in power a conservative Muslim in this traditional Kurdistan arch-enemy, Turkey, which used to be secular since Ataturk, but, now, it seems,  turns to “islamic fundamentalism” under the pretext of nationalistic revanchism …….:+(

It all echoes the Friedman’s and Stratfor predictions for World War Three………..:+(

Unfortunately for “naysayers”, Stratfor’s CEO,  George Friedman, is Hungarian born and when one knows Hungary’s historical belligerent relationship to stop Islam and Muslim Ottoman Turkish Empire invasion of Hungary and  Europe, it may be a good idea to listen……..:+(

“Secularism is the principle of the separation of government institutions and persons mandated to represent the state from religious institutions andreligious dignitaries. One manifestation of secularism is asserting the right to be free from religious rule and teachings, or, in a state declared to be neutral on matters of belief, from the imposition by government of religion or religious practices upon its people. Another manifestation of secularism is the view that public activities and decisions, especially political ones, should be uninfluenced by religious beliefs and/or practices.

“Secularism draws its intellectual roots from Greek and Roman philosophers such as Marcus Aurelius and Epicurus; from Enlightenment thinkers such asDenis DiderotVoltaireBaruch SpinozaJames MadisonThomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine; and from more recent freethinkers and atheists such asRobert Ingersoll and Bertrand Russell.”

“The purposes and arguments in support of secularism vary widely. In European laicism, it has been argued that secularism is a movement towardmodernization, and away from traditional religious values (also known as secularization). This type of secularism, on a social or philosophical level, has often occurred while maintaining an official state church or other state support of religion. In the United States, some argue that state secularism has served to a greater extent to protect religion and the religious from governmental interference, while secularism on a social level is less prevalent. Within countries as well, differing political movements support secularism for varying reasons.,_sieges_and_landings