Confusing work permit policy concerns foreigners in Vietnam – 06-12-14

As I mentioned in other emails, it is tough to help Viet Nam………..:+(

“In December of 2012, prominent Ho Chi Minh City attorney Fred Burke told the assembled members of the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) and a raft of government officials that urgent reforms were needed in to the country’s increasingly byzantine process of obtaining a work permit.
“Work permits can take many months when the police or other authorities do not perform their role, and it is unreasonable to waste trained professionals’ time waiting month after month on the company payroll for these administrative formalities,” he said during a presentation of the findings of the Trade and Investment Working Group.”

“Two years have passed, but little has changed. Despite repeated outcry from the business community, cities and provinces continue to muddle and complicate the already byzantine process of obtaining a work permit for a foreign employee.”

“Much of the problems centered around the “new rule” also known as Decree 102, which took effect last November and required foreign laborers to submit a completed application, two passport photos, a health certificate (issued either in Vietnam or abroad), a copy of one’s passport, and a notarized certificate(s) of expertise.”

“The decree also required five years of professional experience and a four-year university degree–for everyone from English teachers to corporate executives–to obtain written approval from a municipal or provincial leader.”

“The decree also required a legalized declaration of no criminal record issued by the applicant’s home authorities–in addition to criminal records issued by Vietnamese agencies–six months before the application is submitted.”

“On Thursday, Burke mounted a podium in Hanoi, and announced that under current requirements, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs wouldn’t qualify for permits to work in Vietnam–drawing wide applause from the room.”


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