Our Future Is Not Mobile Death Squads for Elderlies , BUT, Autothysis/Self-Sacrifice Suicide Missions for Elderlies — 04/30/2014

For Your Inspiration (FYI)  ;+)
“As enemies close in, selfless individuals with ‘explosive backpacks’ sacrifice themselves to seal tunnels and create a deadly weapon.”
“When they become too old to help their colonies perform risky tasks, elderly members provide one final service by sacrificing themselves to defend against enemies and predators……”
” By nature, defensive behavior is risky. Such behavior is more likely to occur in individuals whose potential for other tasks is diminished.”
“Both the amount of defensive substances and the readiness to explode increase with workers’ age, as their other tasks ability declines.”
What happened to Spock “Live Long and Prosper” ????? Sorry, wrong channel………;+)
“The phrase ‘live long’ first appeared in print in 1957 in Eric Frank Russell’s science fiction classic ‘Wasp’ where it was used both as a greeting and as a farewell by Earth’s deadly enemies, the Sirians.(or was it the “Syrians”????)  ;+)


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