Since Nobody Gets Out Alive, Is “Assisted” or “Un-Assisted”, “Suicide”, the Only Life Choice, In the End??? 04/21/2014

One of the leading causes of suicide among the elderly is depression, often undiagnosed

and/or untreated

The act of completing suicide is rarely preceded by only one cause or one reason. In the

elderly, common risk factors include:

The recent death of a loved one;

Physical illness, uncontrollable pain or the fear of a prolonged illness;

Perceived poor health;

Social isolation and loneliness;

Major changes in social roles (e.g. retirement).
Jurisdictions where euthanasia or assisted suicide is legal include the NetherlandsBelgiumLuxembourgSwitzerlandEstoniaAlbania, and the US states of WashingtonOregon and Montana.
It is interesting to notice that the US States that accept to put people “at peace”, border either the “Pacific” Ocean, like Oregon and Washington or a “peaceful” mountainous region bordering Canada, like Montana……Peaceful Call of Nature or Depressing Environments????


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