Allegory to the Last Male Chauvinistic Pain, Prostate Enlargement – 04/18/2014

Even the “Commoners” can say it, “It’s a Royal Pain in the “You Know What”, to stay on the “Politically Correct” (PC) side…….;+)
I wonder if all this trend of making “selfies” (see Obama & Biden in limo) didn’t originate in male “baby boomers” grinning from their “laptops” sitting on top of their laps and since they were already “grinning” from pain, why not make the best of it, in a “grin to posterity” posted on “Facebook”, “Instagram” copied on “Twitter” and all the other “social networks”……
It may be also why so many of our “senior statemen” are “sitting on their hands” instead of doing anything……..;+)
Prostate, prostate, when you push us……..;+)

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