Geronticide/Senicide, Icebergs Melting and All That Jazz/Rap — 03/15/2014

What happened to “Strike Out Swinging” ?  ;+)

“Definitely down swinging. The idea of a strike is that it theoretically is a pitch that’s good enough to hit (theoretically at least) so every strike means you got a good pitch but couldn’t do anything with it. TO strike out looking means you got a pitch that was very hittable, and you didn’t bite. It leaves you with the feeling that you could have made something happen, but you just couldn’t pull the trigger. Whereas going down swinging is more like you had a chance, and you couldn’t convert. You pulled the trigger, you just missed. There’s less to beat yourself up over.”

This is not the LENGTH of Life that counts, it is the  QUALITY! ;+)

If we reached sixty (60) years old and are still alive, we missed the opportunities life presented to us to make sense of our life in HEROISM Death……..;+)

If we are not happy, let’s leave our comfortable senior citizen life, and go spend a week in a homeless shelter, or better yet,  in a tent in the middle of winter with subzero temperatures……We will come back with the energy of a twenty (20) something…..;+)

Protection of the old, the weak, the widow and the child, the plight of the Christian Knight of the Middle Ages,  is a good “civilized” “sur-nature” decision on anyone’s part…….Remember, “what goes around, comes around”, and since most people will not die a “heroic” death, before sixty (60), they will have a vested interest, in their young age, to make sure, “someone”, will take care of them when they will be passed sixty (60) years old…….geriatric medicine improvements, or not……..;+)

We never asked for forgiveness when we did stupid things as a teenager, let’s not start now that we are getting older and scared of death, pain and disappearance, it looks so “damn” hypocritical……;+)



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