Tom Hodgkinson “The Idler” Editor, How to Be Idle, How to Be Free, The Idle parent — 12/06/2013

No wonder, he wrote against “Facebook” in “The Guardian”!!!!!………;+)

It’s “too damn much work” to maintain a “Facebook” account for a “Free””Idler”!!!!……….;+)

“On the practice of idling, Tom Hodgkinson writes:

“A characteristic of the idler’s work is that it looks suspiciously like play. This, again, makes the non-idler feel uncomfortable. Victims of the Protestant work ethic would like all work to be unpleasant. They feel that work is a curse, that we must suffer on this earth to earn our place in the next. The idler, on the other hand, sees no reason not to use his brain to organize a life for himself where his play is his work, and so attempt to create his own little paradise in the here and now.”

“In 2010, Tom Hodgkinson and Victoria Hull started The Idler Academy in London: a school and bookshop with the aim of providing lifelong education in useful, enjoyable but neglected subjects. It is founded on the idea that leisure be refined through cultivation and upon William Cobbett‘s stance that “Competence is the foundation of happiness.””


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