“The Land of the Free, The Home of the Brave”……Our Vets, Homeless!!!! How Can We Let That Happen ????? – 12/03/2013

In cases like that I am for the “draft”, as when the “vets” come “home”, “everyone” comes home and there are no accusation of “nobody forced you to sign in…..so you get what you deserve”…..Well, the USA may get “what they deserve” next time around when they will call on people “crazy enough to put their lives on the line for their country”…….
Remember America, “what goes around, comes around”…….
The way you treat your USA Vets, today, is the way “all” of the USA is in risk of being treated one day, in a not so distant future……..

“On paper, Bill is one of 6,291 homeless veterans in Los Angeles – the highest number in any metro area – almost double the count in New York City (3,547), nearly five times the population in San Diego (1,486). Nationally, according to a fresh census released Nov. 21, Bill is one of 57,849 homeless veterans – a tally the Obama Administration has pledged to drive to zero by the end of 2015. Since 2010, a federal initiative has reduced that number by 24 percent, according to VA officials. “

“For now, the streets remain home for the holidays for tens of thousands of former military personnel.”

““I believe that through our daily actions and events, it helps bring us closer to seeing a day where the word ‘homeless’ will never be followed by ‘veteran,’ ” said Joe Leal, founder of the Vet Hunters and an Iraq combat veteran. He also works at the U.S. Army Reserve Center in El Monte, Calif., 13 miles east of L.A., helping to re-integrate homecoming soldiers. “We are working our butts off to help the VA meet their goal …
“Will 2015 be the year we end [veteran] homelessness? Well, to truly have that answer it will mean the economy will be back on track and all of our troops home,” Leal said. “Only then will we have a fighting chance.””


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