“Resistance Is Futile!”.”Keep Calm and Make It So!”and “Engage!”.Watch Out for the “Seniors Tsunami”, But, Worldwide Elderly Population Rising Is Not the Issue, How to Care for Them Is !!!!! 10/12/2013

Resistance is Futile!”, “You Cannot Change the Laws of Physics!”, so, “Live Long and Prosper!”………..;+)
May All Seniors Be “Independent, Forceful, Brilliant and Adventurous!”………;+)
“Beginning in 2012, China’s demographic dividend came to a dramatic end. Last year, demographers in China estimate 3.45 million laborers aged out of what is considered the optimum working age group of between 15-59 years of age.””Both the number and the speed of laborers exiting the workforce will gradually pick up speed over the course of the next several years, until by 2050 nearly 22 percent of China’s population will be over 65 years of age.”

“Today, the worker to elderly dependent ratio in China is 16:100; by 2050 it will be 64:100. Beijing already has 1.7 million elderly 65 and older; Shanghai 2.3 million.””The cities that were the first to benefit from China’s economic renaissance are now the first to face the unpleasant demographic realities of policies that in previous years seemed perfectly sensible, but for the next several decades pose the most foundational questions to the viability of the Chinese economic development model. ”

“Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore all got rich well before they got old. China, on the other hand, will get old well before it gets rich. Among the handful of key issues that could derail China’s economic growth is not only the speed with which the country is aging out of its demographic dividend, but also the profound gaps that remain in terms of pensions and basic healthcare that address cost effective long-term care management of chronic disease.”

“China’s FDI Catalog was revised in early 2012 to allow in theory for wholly foreign owned entities of hospitals. Over the course of the last several years, the senior care sector in China has benefited from increased attention and investment by a variety of U.S. and European operators who are eager to tap into the combined energies of China’s public and private sectors, and their respective appetite for healthcare and senior care products and services. “
“These measures are designed to accomplish a couple of objectives. First, the Chinese government is concerned, as evidenced by the explicit policy goals in the 12th Five Year Plan, that inadequate healthcare coverage is preventing consumers from discretionary spending. The thinking goes that if the government can expand the social safety net, average Chinese families will save less and spend more.””The second objective is to get out in front of the social anxieties and potential turmoil that could spread across the country if families begin to feel all their hard work has not translated into better healthcare, pensions and long-term care for the elderly.”

“As the massive demographic dividend that propelled China’s economy forward has come to an end, the country faces the unfortunate implications of its one-child policy. Whether the economic power China has accumulated over the last thirty years will be adequate to fund its growing pension and healthcare costs may be one of the most important questions policy makers in China must wrestle with and resolve.”

Automated Remote Health Care Diagnosis and Treatment solutions exist and, while still needing improvement, could participate in taking care of the worldwide “seniors tsunami”, but, the issue of how the “demand” will compensate the “offer” is still, very much, the issue with no “realistically achievable” resolution in sight, at the present time……
Unless, you consider “working seniors to death” “without real compensation” “to make them die quickly on the job””solving all long term retirement compensation issues”, while common, at present, even if it isofficially illegal, still a viable solution in the future…….:+(
The world is getting closer and closer to the need to resolve the “utopian” issue of “working” for “self-development” as in Abraham Maslow Human Needs Scale following “your innate talents and your acquired skills” instead of “for money” as “basic” human needs are provided for, as in the futuristic Star Trek NG series……..;+)
“Implementing a global holistic Star Trek economy, here on Earth, that is based on the needs of mankind and not the acquisition of wealth. Where our incentives would lie in bettering ourselves and those around us. Where we would live beyond the need for money, politics, poverty, war, national border and social stratification.”

“Through technological abundance and automation of labor this is not just feasible, but rather easy to attain. And with an educated population the transition to such a society would be much smoother when the predicted economic collapse, which is seemingly looming upon us, breaks out.”

“If people slave 40, 50, 60 hours a week just for basic necessities, food, shelter, living costs etc, to barely be able to make ends meet, what do you think they would do if the incentive was the betterment not only of humankind, but, consequently, their own lives?”

“I think at first people would see the selfish aspect of this approach, but soon, in a matter of two or three generations, they would realize the big picture, as it were.”

“That is, that the betterment of the human race is the primary goal, because no one lives in a vacuum and therefor, we cannot better ourselves fully without bettering our species and vice versa! A feedback loop of mutual necessity!”

“After all, is that not what the current economy is based on, albeit in a very lop sided fashion that favors consumerism and impersonal deterministic forces (being controlled by what other’s want, instead of what thy self wants)?”

“Also, I do not buy the notion that ‘competition’ is solely responsible for innovation, especially where advances in physics or biology are concerned. On the contrary a concerted effort is what usually gets the job done (think the human genome project, for example)!”

“Live Long and Prosper!”  ;+)

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