Is Suing Everybody, Including Your Government, The Stock Exchanges, The Multinationals and Your Kids, a Winning Strategy to Help Seniors??? Asia Think So!!! 10/09/2013

Law Suits are Economical Recovery through the Legal Profession! ;+)
America has transmitted the “lawyers” and “Law Suits” legacies to the world! Even Communist China! ;+)
Suing anybody and everybody either individually, collectively, through “class action”, or anything else, etc, for anything and everything, from an airline catastrophe, to a coffee dropped by you at a fast food outlet, including “purported” medical malpractice and medicinal, unfortunately, “so typical” in the USA….;+)
Some, are, painfully, horrifyingly, justified!!!!!  :+(
Most, are not, and are used as pretexts to jack up the cost of living through insurances!!!!!    ;+)
In addition, especially outside of “class action suits” in the USA, for the Seniors, if you have the money to pay the lawyers to sue, you really don’t need the money!!!!;+)
The ones that need the money can’t afford to sue, and the ones that sue, don’t need the money!!!! Typical!!! ;+)
What about “personal choice”  and “personal responsibility for your actions”?????
Dear “Revolution Senior Executives”, If you “delegate” “failure”, are you ready to “acknowledge” “collective success” and dismiss your “ego trips”.and “personal fortunes” as “communal” and “share” your “Bentleys and Rolls Royces and/or BMWs, Mercedes and Audis, without even talking about Lexus, Accuras, Infinitis and Cadillacs, or your seven (7) or eight (8) figures Mansions and Yachts and/or Planes, with the masses”…….?????   ;+)
Don’t Hold Your Collective Breath, People !!!!   ;+)

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