Don’t “Piss-Off” the 800 Pounds Gorilla in the Room, Despite Claims To The Contrary, You Can NOT Afford Missing Its Help – 09/18/2013

For Your Entertainment (FYE)
When you are in a Group of two hundreds (200) countries, and, only by yourself, you represent about 30% of the Global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or, roughly, the equivalent of sixty (60) countries, of that group, you should NOT be ending paying the bills for the majority of the countries expenses, especially, when they do NOT even have the recognition due to someone “saving their butts” , most of the time……….:+(
The strange “masochistic” leaning of the USA, now, is, not only, costing money but, also, unfortunately, the lives of the US population losing their livelihoods from these jobs money lost………:+(
As US Citizens we deserve a leveled-out global/international work/labor competitive playing field……..
Yes, this is true US Citizens are more expensive!!!
 But, politics and prejudices aside, despite all the jokes about the lack of competitiveness of the average US Citizen, with all due respect to everyone, I strongly suggest people come and live, even for a limited amount of time, in emerging markets low developing countries.
Afterward, I would like them to tell us, honestly, again without political and/or racist prejudices:
  1. Whether, they are surprised by the loss of quality in products and services provided by these emerging markets low developing countries, and
  2. Whether, this is worth the salaries differential with the USA personnel providing this superior quality
  3. Whether, the emerging markets low developing countries consumers/customers will “pick-up the slack” when the US personnel who are, at the same time, the consumers/customers constituting 70% of the USA economy representing around US$ 10 trillions (with a T NOT a B) some 30% of the world Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will lose their jobs and, consequently, their capacity to consume and support the emerging markets low developing markets mostly export oriented to the USA and Europe economies
  4. Whether, the emerging markets low developing countries personnel are ready to, again, “pick-up the slack” in innovations, improvements, quality standards on a consistent basis, as they are displacing the USA and Europe personnel that, up to now, have been providing these “added values” globally, when, even Japan, has been found wanting with Toyota recalls, despite the sacrosanct TPS, and Fukushima nuclear disaster, despite quality Gurus education like Deming, Juran, (both Americans on loan to Japan, an emerging market and low developing country, supposedly not anymore, only at the time) Kaizen(5S, Kanban, Andon, Poka Yoke, etc…), etc even GE and Motorola Six Sima and later on Lean training…….
  5. Whether, the emerging markets low developing countries personnel will reach a level in imagination, critical thinking, innovation, improvement and high quality consistency to be able to satisfy the USA FDA, ISO, and other high level globally accepted standards in addition to patents and copyrights creation and enforcement instead of stealing secrets by cyberwarfare or childish phonetics (Blacker for Black & Decker, Haier for Higher, etc….)
The best hope for the world is when every country in the world has a really “free people travel and employment policy”, allowing really the emerging markets low developing countries personnel to, gradually, side-by-side with USA and Europe personnel, everyday and everywhere in the world, get the necessary on-the-job training that politics, cultural and self interests are preventing them to get now, and, consequently, create antagonisms between “those who know instinctively by being raised in that culture” and “those who look like babies crawling and stumbling or fishes out of water”………;+)
As the old saying goes “Rome has not been built in one day!….” ;+)
But, the more we delay the education and training by refusing to face reality because of “Political Correctness (PC)”, and/or politically and/or corporate profitability self-interest motivated “wishful thinking” “disguised as a report”, like in the case of “China becoming the World’s number one (#1) consumers’ market”, the more people, all over the world, are suffering because of lack of “achievable” and “realistic” (as in SMART) development.opportunities capture……….:+(
Maybe China’s expectations are a little bit irrealistically too high.
Hopefully, the world won’t have to do to China what a Chinese zookeeper had to do to save a monkey’s life………;+)
“A Chinese zoo keeper licked a monkey’s butt in order to save its life after the monkey ate a peanut thrown into its cage, reportschinaSMACK.”“50-year-old Zhang Bangsheng, a monkey caretaker at Wuhan Zoo in China, used warm water to wash a small Francois’ Leaf Monkey’s buttocks and then licked it for a full hour, until the little monkey defecated the peanut.”

“Since the peanut was too big to pass through the monkey’s butt, and the monkey was too small for medication, Zhang’s unconventional approach was the only way to save it. Mr Bangsheng “laughed with satisfaction” after the monkey finally defecated the peanut.”………;+)

I wonder whether the French have that in mind when they use the expression “leche-cul”, “butt-licker”.or is it “butt liquor”????!!!………;+)

We need to “free” the “innovative evangelizing economically uplifting liberating spirits” of the Western people, particularly the US Citizens!!!!……..;+)

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