“Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Even Closer!” The Fabulous History of Nguyen Sinh Cung aka “Ho Chi Minh” – 09/05/13

For Your Entertainment (FYE)
“Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Even Closer!”…The Fabulous History of Nguyen Sinh Cung aka “Ho Chi Minh”………;+)
“In 1991, when The Downfall and Future of Socialism was published, there was widespread discouragement and resignation among communists.  Their revolutionary self-reliance had deeply shaken by the destruction of the Soviet Union and the annexation of the GDR.  The perspective of a better, socialist, society appeared not just to have shifted into the distant future, but indeed to have become totally obstructed.  In order to grasp the causes of this downfall it was necessary to strengthen the realisation that socialism is the historical alternative to capitalism, and to fortify the self-assurance of communists.”

Since then the communist movement has regained strength world-wide.  In Germany the nucleus of the Communist Party has reassembled and is engaged in political activities, and in discussion around future strategy and the form of organisation.  The dual aspect, that the crisis of capitalism is indeed sharpening, but that we must reckon with revolutionary changes taking a long time, is fertile soil for an illusion, not unknown in the history of the working class movement – both as an opposition inside capitalism, and even as a direct or indirect participant in government – the illusion being that this society can be made more humane through reforms, and that therefore one should just hope for a better capitalism rather than socialism, or even perhaps that one should regard socialism as nothing other than an improved capitalism.”

Today, in a non-revolutionary phase of history, it is essential to keep revolutionary consciousness awake and to engage with those opposition strategies which are put forward inside capitalism, in order that they can lead a way out from this system. “

Whoever  was crazy and un-educated enough to say Communism is dead should have had an head examination!……..That includes Ronald Reagan about the Cold War, the USSR and all the Soviets affiliated countries!….;+)
The “Evil Empire” is in a new “metastasis” phase………:+(
“Metastasis, or metastatic disease, is the spread of a cancer from one organ or part to another non-adjacent organ or part. The new occurrences of disease thus generated are referred to as metastases (sometimes abbreviated mets)It was previously thought that only malignanttumor cells and infections have the capacity to metastasize; however, this is being reconsidered due to new research.In origin metastasis is a Greek word meaning “displacement”, from μετά, meta, “next”, and στάσις, stasis, “placement”. The plural is metastases.”

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