Worldwide Freedom of Expression is Going, Going, Going…………..Gone,… and With It Any Chance of Improvement and Innovation, Worldwide!!!! — 08/05/13

For Your Entertainment (FYE)
With such USA supplied pretexts and excuses as, from Manning and WikiLeaks, to Snowden and NSA, more recently with Viet Nam Decree 72, every Governemnt and its cousins is trampling Freedom of Speech under the Pretense of Defense of  the game out, Capitalism, Communism, Democracy and Socialism, you take your pick……:+(
The real losers are the general population, the individuals citizens who are supposed to be the recipients of the popular power, the very power only delegated to these governments which abuse it!!!!!……:+(
As, for me, my view is that blogging is the target in Viet Nam and here goes away my chatting……….;+)
“But the controversial 20.4 clause of the decree bothered many people for banning compiled information’“:

“…personal information webpage is a webpage created by individual on their own or via a social network. This page should be used to provide and exchange information of that individual only; it does not represent other individual or organization, and is not allowed to provide compiled information “

“What exactly is a ‘compiled information’? Tuổi Trẻ newspaper quoted Vietnam’s Broadcast and Electronic Information Department which interpreted it as a reminder for individuals not to “quote or share information from press agencies or websites of government agencies.””

“Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Le Nam Thang said the new decree is to prevent misuse of the Internet to spread false information. It is also intended to help users “find correct and clean information on the internet.”

“”Personal webpage owners are only allowed to provide their own information, and are prohibited from taking news from media agencies and using that information as if it were their own”

“As expected, the law also enumerated some prohibited acts (Article 5):”

“…information that is against Vietnam, undermining national security, social order, and national unity […] or information distorting, slandering, and defaming the prestige of organisations, honour and dignity of individuals.”

Bye Bye to “The Can Tho Curmudgeon.”……..Not a Big Loss! ;+)
But an Indication of the REAL Progress Potential for Improvement and Innovation in Viet Nam………”Critical Thinking”, the thought process at the basis of so many Western Culture and Civilization advances is officially gone……..:+(

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