If You Cannot Beat Them in Fair Negotiations Throw Mud at Them, from Eveery Angle and Hope (Desperatly!) It Sticks! — 07/31/13

For Your Entertainment (FYE)  ;+)
“Negative campaigning, also known more colloquially as “mudslinging”, is trying to win an advantage by referring to negative aspects of an opponent or of a policy rather than emphasizing one’s own positive attributes or preferred policies. In the broadest sense, the term covers any rhetoric in which one refers to one’s opponent in an ad hominem manner.Negative campaigning can be found in most marketplaces where ideas are contested.”
“The growth in bilateral trade between the U.S and Vietnam has also been accompanied by many issues and problems.During Vietnam’s application to the U.S Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program and negotiation of a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) with the U.S, U.S government has hesitated in accepting Vietnam’s application and in concluding a BIT with Vietnam.The rapid increase in the imports of specific products from Vietnam (e.g. clothing, frozen fish fillets) have led to the creation of a controversial import monitoring program in the U.S, and to anti-dumping ruling against Vietnam.“The 111th U.S Congress has included “workers’ rights, the designation of Vietnam as a non-market economy, intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, and Vietnam’s exchange rate policy” as the most prominent economic issues which influence relations between the U.S and Vietnam.Two governments is now seeking to resolve the preceding issues in recent meetings under the TIFA.


A year ago, the US consulate in Ho Chi Minh City received a letter from a jilted man in central Vietnam that helped them crack a US$10-million fraud they otherwise might have never learned about.”

“Now he wants his fiancé back. He wants his money back. He wants President Obama to reform the US immigration system. And he wants protection from the roughly 410 people who should get deported any day now because he talked. “


I think we have to acknowledge that President Obama has very little moral authority at this point, because we know anybody who tries to rationalize the killing of innocent people is a criminal — George Zimmerman is a criminal — but President Obama is a global George Zimmerman, because he tries to rationalize the killing of innocent children, 221 so far, in the name of self-defense (in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen), so that there’s actually parallels here.”
“Despite that horrific legacy, the Stalinist regime in Hanoi has been anxious to develop its relations with Washington, both for strategic and economic reasons. It has strengthened its military ties to the US as a counterweight to China, and these relations have deepened under the Obama administration’s aggressive “pivot” to Asia to counter China’s influence. At the same time, like its counterpart in Beijing, the Vietnamese government has transformed the country into a cheap labour platform for global capitalism and increasingly depends on the US for trade, investment and economic aid.”
The right hand wants you to believe that it doesn’t know what the left hand is doing……..;+)
One thing is for sure, if you are a Westerner in Viet Nam and try to help in the development of the country, you will never work with a local company, at the present time, unless you are hired by a Western company to help the local company………So much for “developing structural improvements” and “actively recognizing value” to “reengineer and reorganize State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) with local permanently available, for a long time already, Western expertise”………”Dream Off!”….;+)
Everything is populated by “keepers of the status quo” until the next wave of Westrn financing is coming to bring the country afloat, anew…………;+)
It would be a delirious joke, if it was not so sad for the future of Viet Nam and its newer generations!  ;+)

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