“Humor, Joking and Laughing are the Courtesy of Despair!”..”L’Humour est la Politesse du Desespoir!”….”To Laugh is to Forget!”….”Rire, c’est Oublier!” — 08/28/13

For Your Entertainment (FYE) in  the Labor Day Long Weehend rehearsal…………..;+)
My position:
“To Make Someone Laugh, is to Make Someone Forget! What a Philanthropist Whoever Spreads  the Ability to Forget!”…..”« “Faire rire, c’est faire oublier. Quel bienfaiteur sur la terre, qu’un distributeur d’oubli! » – Victor Hugo
The opposition:
“There is no happy humor!”……..”Il n’y a pas d’humour heureux!”………….
“Humor and joking are not funny: a few jokes taken in examples in the middle of a conversation are not enough to make us happy. To explain the lightness of the spirit, we had to dive back in the heaviness it tries to fake to be escaping…..”
“L’humour, ce n’est pas drôle : quelques blagues prises en exemples au cours du débat ne suffirent pas à nous égayer. Pour expliquer la légèreté de l’esprit, il nous a fallu plonger dans la pesanteur à laquelle il feint échapper.”

“”Castigat ridendo mores” (corrects morals laughing) is a Latin phrase that generally means “one corrects customs by laughing at them,” or “he corrects morals by ridicule.” Some commentators suggest that the phrase embodies the essence of satire, i.e., sometimes the best way to change things is to point out their ridiculousness and laugh at them. French New Latinpoet Abbé Jean de Santeul (fr) (1630–1697) allegedly coined the phrase”

castigat ridendo mores
One corrects customs by laughing at them “

“damnant quodnon intelligunt
They condemn what they do not understand “

“parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus
Mountains will be in labour, and an ridiculous mouse will be born
So much work and the result is ridiculous “

“facile est inventis addere
it is easy to add to things already invented “

“facile largire de alieno
it is easy to be generous with things of another person”

f”acile omnes quom valemus recta consilia aegrotis damus
when we are healthy, we all have advice for those who are sick “

“cacoethes carpendi
A compulsive habit for finding fault “

“cacoethes loquendi
A bad habit for compulsive talking”

“cacoethes scribendi
A bad habit for compulsive writing”

Irresistible urge”

What Do YOU Think??????!!!! ;+)

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