The New “Economic Recovery”………The “Fast Food Jobs Economy” is spreading worldwide — Written 07/17/2013

For Your Entertainment (FYE)
“Economic Recovery”????…….Maybe, If You call it “Fast Food Economy” !!!…..;+) The “Fast Food Jobs Economy” is spreading worldwide, even in Viet Nam, now……….
However, we need a minimum of two (2) jobs (preferably even more) to close a monthly “single” individual budget (not married, no children,  but living out of parents house, and, the transportation vehicle gasoline seems “optional”)……What a Joke!  ;+)
“Suggested monthly expenses include $20 for health care; $600 for rent; and $150 payment for a car (that apparently needs no gas.) Unfortunately the budget doesn’t have an allowance for food.”……….;+) ……This is “fast” food, as in “fasting” …….;+)…….Maybe, we are all becoming Muslims worldwide and this is the “perpetual” “Ramadan”………;+)
“The sample budget includes lines for monthly income from a first job ($1,105) and a second job ($955.) If that was one person with two jobs, he would either be working more than 60 hours a week at minimum wage, or making more than $12 an hour if it was only a 40-hour work week.””The federal minimum wage has been $7.25 per hour since 2009.”

“Currently, Lotteria is leading the fast food outlets in Vietnam with 146 restaurants, followed by KFC with 134 and Jollibee with 30, according to a Tuoi Tre report in May.””Burger King also now has more than a dozen of restaurants, since opening its first in downtown HCMC last October.”

Maybe this is why Vietnamese authorities are saying the Vietnamese economy is on an “upswing”, maybe they were talking about the future Vietnamese waistline…….;+)


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