“Nothing Nice to Say about Viet Nam? Don’t Say Anything At All! Viet Nam Enforcement of the “PC””Politically Correct””Thumperian principle”, “Thumper’s rule” or “Thumper’s law”.by proxies — Written 07/07/2013

For Your Entertainment (FYE)
“The character Thumper first appears in the film Bambi, watching as Bambi is first presented as the young prince to the creatures of the forest. He remarks that Bambi is “kinda wobbly” but is reproved by his mother who makes him repeat what his father had impressed upon him that morning, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”. This moral is now known by such names as the “Thumperian principle”, “Thumper’s rule” or “Thumper’s law”.”“A few days later a still-wobbly Bambi was out with his mother when they re-encountered Thumper, who took it upon himself to teach the fawn various tricks, notably that of speech. He succeeded in teaching Bambi a few words, notably “bird” and “flower” which Bambi accidentally used to name a young skunk. Thumper tried to correct Bambi but the skunk said, “That’s alright. He can call me Flower if he wants to. I don’t mind”. The three animals go on to become friends and this encounter provides another moral lesson in the virtues of tolerance and an easy disposition…….”

But Bambi never begged the world for support of his economy and Bambi listened to advice, changed and improved because of it….. Which Viet Nam has still a very, very, very long way to go……..This is why they said Bambi is one of Walt Disney’s “Best Fairy Tales”(because you cannot find it in the real world, especially Viet Nam)………;+)

Sometimes “being nice” looks a lot like “tatemae”(lying for sake of social harmony and/or keeping whoever is in power) versus “honne”(WYSIWIG-What You See Is What You Get)-swept under the rugs for PC-“political correctness”……..;+)

“In contemporary usage, the terms PC, politically correct, and political correctness are pejorative descriptors, whereas, the term politically incorrect is used by opponents of PC as an implicitly positive self-description, as in the cases of the conservative, topical book-series The Politically Incorrect Guide, and the liberal, television talk-show program Politically Incorrect.”


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