Gentlemen Kiss Goodbye to Your Willowy “Ao Daied” Vietnamese “Con Gai” Girls, Mc Donald’s Big Mac Comes to Viet Nam Next Year 2014 – Wrriten 07/16/2013

For Your Entertainment (FYE)
Be prepared for a radical change in Viet Nam beginning next year 2014……..;+)
Goodbye US Ladies size two (2), Hello US Ladies size twentyfour (24)”Mat Thu Lu” is going to replace “Om” in the Viet Nam “Con Gai” population, no more “Willowy” Ao Daied” “Con Gai” Vietnamese Girls………’+)
A very Bittersweet news, the USA Fast Food Mc Donald’s Corporation is coming to Viet Nam……….
Maybe they hope that the Big Mac will help stop the rambling American Expats……..
The real, well implanted competitor to Mc Donald’s in Viet Nam is South Korea’s Lotteria, the Arlesian girl in this story………
“Because the title character is never shown in the play, Arlésienne is now used, in French, to describe a person who is prominently (and sometimes voluntarily) absent from a place or a situation where they would be expected to show up.”
Maybe this is why the Willowy Viet Nam Con Gai figure has been doomed for a while, already, unfortunately; or maybe not, for the people selling exercises machines and gyms memberships, sports events,etc., even pole dancing is emphasizing its virtuous Vietnamese side……..;+)
…….even TP Ha Noi gets on the wagon, not to be left stranded in Union Station……

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