The Best Hope for France’s Young ? Get Out!”…. No Kidding! ….To Go Where and Do What? To Wait for the West Money to Survive – 07/02/13

It would be very comical, if it was not so sad…….
“The dramatic cultural and economic changes currently shaking the globe are still often met in Western Europe and North America with parochial, irrelevant conversations, a symptom of the insular intellectual bubble in which the Western Civilization  has been trapped for far too long.Meanwhile, a major paradigm shift is occurring, whereby white men from Western Europe and North America are no longer calling all the shots. In many ways, what used to be seen as the periphery is swiftly becoming the center, as the countries we still clumsily call “emerging” — China, India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and others — are doing much more than that.

Young Western Europe and North America people need to go abroad, to work, to travel, to see how things can work differently in cultures and countries that don’t play by the same old rules — and then come back to Western Civilization, and reinject some of the energy and enthusiasm they’ve absorbed to help reconcile the broader population with the global reality that Western Civilization has shunned for far too long. ”

Seems logical and uplifting, except that, unfortunately, the “emerging economies” and other BRICs, Brazil, Russia, India,China, Turkey, Indonesia and others (including South Korea, ASEAN and Vietnam) are not as “ideal” as Western Civilization “dreamers” might think……

Most of these, purportedly, “renewed” countries, have an even longer history of challenges with individual freedom and the satisfaction of basic human needs.and they ALL needs the West consumption money to survive…….

They ALL depend upon the West consumers to be able to close their budgets with, mind you, even the credit help money of these same Western customers (USA, Western Europe/EU, Canada) (through the IMF, World Bank (IBRD/ADBs,USAID, etc) grants and no-interest loans…….

We, all of us around the world, have still a very long way to reach a reasonable level of “human needs satisfaction”……

We need less dreamy rhetoric and more “smart” (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound) efforts, with a particular emphasis on the “achievable” and “realistic”, for a change, please……..


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