We Do Not Deserve Neither this Excess of Honor, Nor This Indignity (Le Cid, Corneille) – Written 06/18/13

In case you want to resist better to be “PRISMed”,(or any other “mal”-icious American or foreign attempts at controlling your Freedom)  I recommend the following:
So what is the charm of a US visa? In my opinion, it is the long gone past of economic success that makes Vietnamese still believe in the American Dream. The truth is also that the Vietnamese community in the US is quite strong. America used to be an economic superpower, but the economic downturn from 2008 onwards has seen the unemployment rate in the US soar, and it has reduced the country from a “land of opportunities” to one in deep crisis on many fronts. So why did we pay such fortunes to such greedy creatures like Sestak so that they would open the gate to a devastated land? What do we want to see there? Unemployed workers trying to find a decent job? Discontented undergraduates with broken dreams aiming guns at and shooting their peers and teachers? To enjoy such an experience, it is better to go to a local world-class cinema and watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters. That is definitely a wiser and much cheaper choice.

And in case you still want to go abroad, apply for a visa to Australia, Singapore or Canada. At least you do not have to wait in a long line or get ripped off.”


The results of Vietnam’s first-ever confidence vote by parliamentarians on senior government officials show that mismanagement of the economy is at the core of public dissatisfaction, analysts say.They add that the results also indicate that underperforming cabinet members will be held accountable if they fail to push through bold reforms in the near future.”

Vietnamese vote confidence in Viet Nam with their feet and get “snake-headed” as the Chinese, unfortunately:


According to Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), in April 1976, the first boat carrying Vietnamese asylum seekers arrived on Australia’s northern shores and in the following five years, over 50 additional boats with more than 2,000 Vietnamese landed on Australian shores. However, nearly forty years after the Vietnam War ended, there are some who are still willing to risk all and try to migrate illegally to Australia, hoping to strike it rich there. It appears that they are not dissuaded by warnings from relevant agencies that they are likely to lose everything and be forced to return home.

On June 11, the Ba Ria Vung Tau People’s Court handed down jail terms to four people for organizing illegal boat trips for dozens of Vietnamese nationals seeking to get to Australia.

Nguyen Dinh Kinh, 47, was sentenced to four years, while Pham Van Tuong, 59, got two and a half years in prison. Tran Van Gioi, 47, and Nguyen Ngoc Loi, 43, received three and a half years and one and a half years, respectively.

Police said Tuong began smuggling people out of Vietnam in April last “

Investigations found that the group’s initial clients were charged US$6,000 each, but the fee was later raised to between $8,000 and $13,000. Many of the would-be emigrants came from Tuong’s hometown in the north-central province of Nghe An and neighboring Ha Tinh Province.

Police said the human traffickers told their clients that they could easily find jobs with high wages in Australia and lead a wealthy life there.

They collected a total of $120,000 and even allowed some people to go on their boat on credit, to be paid after emigrants earned money Down Under.

Tuong and Kinh hired Loi to pilot the boat for VND500 million ($24,000).”

The USA may NOT be perfect, but if Viet Nam was “so much better than the USA”, then,  why Viet Nam Citizens would risk to pay US$20,000 per person for just a non-immigrant USA visa and/or losing a fortune and, maybe, their very lives, to flee a “marvelous Viet Nam”?

Viet Nam Citizens are voting their confidence in their Government with their feet, running away, anywhere, as long as it is not Viet Nam anymore!

What a vivid poster for the reality of life in Viet Nam and a silent response to any propaganda……


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