The World in 2030! — Written 07/16/2012

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Clearly, we have known more discoveries from 1945 until today than since the beginning of mankind until 1945. This high flow of discoveries will boost the future growth.


41-Some expected advances


All the future technical progress from here to 2030 is yet in the laboratories because it needs decades to go from the basic research to the marketing of the new products. We may only list some likely developments:


-Computers: The computing power is following a curve of exponential growth. Artificial intelligence is yet embedded everywhere in today’s society ( Medical devices such as electrocardiogram machines and credit card fraud detection software). Before 2030, computers will be embedded in the environment and into materials such as clothing and eyeglasses. Images will be written directly on human retinas ( Today, the military are using this technology in modeling virtual reality environments)


-Nano technologies and Biotechnology: Devices from internet to direct computer-to-brain connections will enhance the human ability. Nanotechnologies can replace used organs in compliance with the general trend extending the duration of life.


-Genetics: Work will mainly concentrate on prevention of diseases and on prostheses. We will manage to invent prostheses that make it possible to cure certain types of blindness. Advances should also be made for the paralyzed. The possibility of improving intellectual capabilities of individuals by means of genetics no doubt relies in a more distant future. On the other hand, genetic researches could be slowed down by ethical restrictions.


-New energy sources : One of the future challenges is achieving nuclear fusion that can provide mankind with an unlimited supply of energy. Moreover, the industrial development of satisfactory electric vehicles will take place in the years to come.


-Space exploration: A landing on March can be expected by 2030. However, many people are questioning about the scientific outcomes of space exploration that consumes big money.


-Weaponry : Non lethal weapons based on the use of microwaves that temporarily disrupt the conscious faculties of the enemy would be developed. These non-lethal weapons could represent an amazing progress in the history of humanity, by avoiding the killing inherent to conflicts.”


“Best links-Click below : The “worldfactbook”


CIA Global trends 2020


The Millennium project : This site explores the possibilities of nanotechnologies and the prospect of human immortality. A fascinating site with a robotic human called Ramona!”

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