“Vae Victis”, After the French Presidenti​al Elections, the French Legislativ​es Elections First Round Rubbed the Salt in the Wound! This is NOT an “ex-French President Sarkozy Hatred Thing — Written 06/11/12

“”Vae victis” is Latin for “woe to the vanquished (ones)” or also “woe to the conquered (ones)”. “Malheur aux vaincus” in French! (This is the dative plural form—the dative singular is Vae victo if the conquered is masculine, Vae victae if the conquered is feminine.)

In 390 BC, an army of Gauls led by Brennus attacked Rome, capturing all of the city except for the Capitoline Hill, which was successfully held against them. Brennus besieged the hill, and finally the Romans asked to ransom their city. Brennus demanded 1,000 pounds (327 kg) of gold (> €13,250,000), and the Romans agreed to his terms.(Today the French equivalent will be the ISF “the impot sur la fortune” “tax on the personal assets”)

Livy, in Ab Urbe Condita (Book 5 Sections 34–49), records that the Gauls provided steelyard balances and weights, and the Romans brought out their gold. But the Romans noticed that the weights were fixed, and the tribunes dared to complain to Brennus about the issue. Brennus took his sword, threw it on to the weights, and exclaimed: “Vae victis!”, for the conquered have no rights, forcing the Romans to bring even more gold to fulfill their obligation.”


“• Le PS et ses alliés visent la majorité absolue. Selon des projections réalisées par des instituts de sondage, le PS et ses alliés (PRG et Divers gauche) recueilleraient entre 283 et 329 sièges et peuvent obtenir la majorité absolue (289) dimanche prochain sans même l’appui des écologistes. L’UMP et ses alliés obtiendraient entre 210 et 263 sièges, le Front national de 0 à 3 sièges, comme le MoDem.”


“• Une abstention record. L’abstention est de 42,77%, contre 39,6% en 2007. C’est le plus faible taux de participation pour un premier tour d’élections législatives. En raison de cette abstention record, le nombre de triangulaires sera beaucoup moins important que prévu, autour d’une quarantaine.”


“Even after 1981 French President Mitterand Socialist Party experience and their 99% (“poor” majority) Governmental “Union of the Left” “gabegie”(waste) , the French are still in denial, and use Ponce Pilate stance ‘I wash my hands of it”:


“Denial (also called abnegation) is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.The subject may use:

simple denial: deny the reality of the unpleasant fact altogether

minimisation: admit the fact but deny its seriousness (a combination of denial and rationalization)

projection: admit both the fact and seriousness but deny responsibility.

The concept of denial is particularly important to the study of addiction. The theory of denial was first researched seriously by Anna Freud. She classified denial as a mechanism of the immature mind, because it conflicts with the ability to learn from and cope with reality. Where denial occurs in mature minds, it is most often associated with death, dying and rape. More recent research has significantly expanded the scope and utility of the concept. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross used denial as the first of five stages in the psychology of a dying patient, and the idea has been extended to include the reactions of survivors to news of a death. Thus, when parents are informed of the death of a child, their first reaction is often of the form, “No! You must have the wrong house, you can’t mean our child!”

Unlike some other defense mechanisms postulated by psychoanalytic theory (for instance, repression), the general existence of denial is fairly easy to verify, even for non-specialists. On the other hand, denial is one of the most controversial defense mechanisms, since it can be easily used to create unfalsifiable theories: anything the subject says or does that appears to disprove the interpreter’s theory is explained, not as evidence that the interpreter’s theory is wrong, but as the subject’s being “in denial”. However, researchers note that in some cases of corroborated child sexual abuse, the victims sometimes make a series of partial confessions and recantations as they struggle with their own denial and the denial of abusers or family members. Use of denial theory in a legal setting therefore must be carefully regulated and experts’ credentials verified. “Formulaic guilt” simply by “being a denier” has been castigated by English judges and academics.

The concept of denial is important in twelve-step programs, where the abandonment or reversal of denial forms the basis of the first, fourth, fifth, eighth and tenth steps. The ability to deny or minimize is an essential part of what enables an addict to continue his or her behavior despite evidence that—to an outsider—appears overwhelming. This is cited as one of the reasons that compulsion is seldom effective in treating addiction—the habit of denial remains.

When a family intervention is conducted to help a person engaged in self-destructive behavior such as alcohol or drug abuse to accept help for his problem, denial is sometimes reduced or eliminated altogether. This is not always necessary, however, for the intervention to be successful in having the person accept help.

Understanding and avoiding denial is also important in the treatment of various diseases. The American Heart Association cites denial as a principal reason that treatment of a heart attack is delayed. Because the symptoms are so varied, and often have other potential explanations, the opportunity exists for the patient to deny the emergency, often with fatal consequences. It is common for patients to delay mammograms or other tests because of a fear of cancer, even though this is clearly maladaptive. It is the responsibility of the care team, and of the nursing staff in particular, to train at-risk patients to avoid such behavior.”


Can we teach 65,350,000 French (and the entire world, for that matter!) in “facing the music”……?????!!!!!    ;+)










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