Vietnam Nuclear Power Update — Written 04/18/2012

“Dr Nguyen Quan, Minister of Science and Technology, told news website VnExpress in a Friday report that the construction of nuclear power plants depends largely on the human factor, which Vietnam is having difficulties with.

As Vietnam’s education sector provides little nuclear training now, Quan said, the human resources available for the plants are not enough. Most people do not have the latest knowledge about nuclear technology, while many young people with high potential are still under training, he said.”

“Vietnam will work with Russian and Japanese experts during the construction of its two first nuclear power plants in Ninh Thuan Province in the south central coast, which was first expected to start in 2014.

The minister said Vietnam needs good experts to supervise and assess the work of foreign experts.”

What about using the world renown experts of the USA and EU, who so far, have a better track record than the “dismal” and “catastrophic” ones of Russia and Japan?

Shouldn’t Viet Nam learn from the best instead of doing its selection on financial provided by Russia and Japan?

Shouldn’t Vietnam, even if they are not involved in supplying the plants, use USA and EU to do exactly what the ministry requires:


“The minister said Vietnam needs good experts to supervise and assess the work of foreign experts.”

Since Vietnam will not have experts for a long time, a minimum of twenty (2) years, why not use the “currently immediately” World Class Best in Class Best Practices of USA and EU Experts?

Besides financial facilities, is there any ‘knee jerk” sourcing bias on Viet Nam’s part?

The EU and the USA have competitive financial options available too and don’t have the “black eyes” in nuclear industry that Russia (Chernobyl) and Japan (Fukushima) have…………….



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