Busted! “Coeur Mechant””C​urmudgeon”​”Cranky Grumpy Old Man” “The Can Tho Curmudgeon​” and “All That Jazz!” – Written 04/29/2012

For Your Entertainment (FYE) from your Can Tho’s “Coeur Mechant” (“Curmudgeon”) “Cranky Grumpy Old Man” “Ong Gia Nhan Nhan Hoai!” opening the Internet Blogging “Pandora Box”…..;+)

“John Ash (c. 1724–1779) was an English Baptist minister at Pershore, Worcestershire, divine, and author of an English dictionary and grammar books.”

“Ash’s New and Complete Dictionary was noteworthy for the number of obsolete and provincial words contained in it. It incorporated most of Nathan Bailey’s collection of canting words. This dictionary was the first to define in English the previously omitted words fuck and cunt. His debt to Samuel Johnson was demonstrated in a famous error in his etymology of curmudgeon, as deriving from the French for “unknown correspondent”; Johnson’s A Dictionary of the English Language from twenty years before explains that the word derives from “cœur méchant” (malicious-hearted), attributing his information to an “unknown correspondent”.”

“”If you look up curmudgeon in Samuel Johnson’s 1755 Dictionary of the English Language, you will find the following in parentheses before the definition: “It is a vitious manner of pronouncing coeur mechant, Fr. an unknown correspondent.” Coeur means ‘heart’, and mechant means ‘bad’. Dr. Johnson had apparently lost track of who had given him this etymology, and the “Fr.” stands for ‘from’. However, a man named John Ash published a New and Complete Dictionary of the English Language in 1775 in which he took Dr. Johnson’s “Fr.” to mean ‘French’ and, knowing no French, provided the etymology “from Fr. coeur ‘unknown’, mechant ‘correspondent’.” An embarrassing lexicographical moment.””


“Do me a favor. Put your lip over your head… and swallow.”


” Kids; Can’t live with them, can’t shoot them.”


“When I had an ulcer, I was farting razor blades.”


” You’re supposed to be smoking filter cigarettes.

I’m 94 years old. What the hell do I care?”


” You mean the low-life, ass-wipe, egg-sucker John Gustafson?”

“Have you seen him?”

“The man’s crazy. Loco. Always hanging out around those kinky strip bars. You know, the ones where the men take their clothes off. That’s of course if he’s taken his medication.”


“Yes, without it he could be anywhere. Wandering around talking to the trees. I’m telling you the man’s a menace, he’s always drinking, starting fights.”


” John, when was the last time you made love?”

“October 4th… 1978. ”

“Oh, I think we’re safe.”


“Who’s the guy yakkin’ at your door?’

“Just mind your own business, will ya?”

“Mind your own business, will ya? Mind your own business. Why don’t you tie your shoelace, you’ll fall on your stupid head.”

“Cold enough for ya? Brrrrrrr!”

“Oh, shut up, fatass!”



“John! John! Are you dead?”

“Not yet. But I don’t want to die looking at your ugly face.”





















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