Viet Nam says: “I no speak English”- 12/30/2011

For Your Entertainment (FYE)  ;+)

“Many college students have passed their exams with high grades but could not use the language (or other advanced talents and skills) in their life and work because their study is not aimed at using the language (or other advanced talents and skills), but only at taking exams.” (Chinese Emperor Mandarin Exams anyone?)

“Dr. Duong Bach Nhat from Duy Tan University in Da Nang said many students have low competence in listening, speaking and writing essays. “They’re not familiar with intonations or communication, and have poor vocabulary,” Nhat said.”

“A survey under the project showed that foreign language teachers at colleges are lecturing too much, while they need to give more time for the students to use the language.”


“Nguyen Vinh Hien, vice minister of Education and Training, said many college teachers are “unable or unwilling” to use modern tools like the Internet, which can bring the students closer to native language users.”


“A survey by HCMC Laws University this year showed that none of the school graduates are assessed by their employers as having “good” foreign language competence.”


“The matter is even worse among students majoring in foreign languages. ”


“Hien said at the conference that many such students have become poorly qualified foreign language teachers at high schools. The project found that only 10 percent of high school foreign language teachers in the country meet European language standards. In some places, the number is 1 to 2 percent.”


“That creates a cycle in which high school teachers then provide colleges with incompetent students.”


You can extend the observations to business, engineering, law and you have a pretty accurate picture of Viet Nam current competitiveness on the Global Market!


The only bright spot seems to be life sciences (they use English and other foreign languages minimally), like so many French, (that must be the Agriculture roots) and more particularly Aeroponics……..


“n 2006, the Ag University of Hanoi Vietnam in joint efforts with Stoner established the postgraduate doctoral program in aeroponics. The university’s Agrobiotech Research Center, under the direction of Dr. N. Thach, is using aeroponic laboratories to advance Vietnam’s minituber potato production for certified seed potato production.”


“The historical significance for aeroponics is that it is the first time a nation has specifically called out for aeroponics to further an agricultural sector, stimulate farm economic goals, meet increased demands, improve food quality and increase production. “We have shown that aeroponics, more than any other form of agricultural technology, will significantly improve Vietnam’s potato production. We have very little tillable land, aeroponics makes complete economic sense to us”, attested Thach.”   “Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in January 2007. The impact of aeroponics in Vietnam will be felt at the farm level. Aeroponic integration in Vietnam agriculture will begin by producing a low cost certified disease-free organic minitubers, which in turn will be supplied to local farmers for their field plantings of seed potatoes and commercial potatoes. Potato farmers will benefit from aeroponics because their seed potatoes will be disease-free and grown without pesticides. Most importantly for the Vietnamese farmer, it will lower their cost of operation and increase their yields, says Thach.[“


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