The Lollichon-​Jondet Historical Origins in France

For Your New Year 2012 Entertainment (FYE)

Since I don’t know whether I will have the chance to tell that face-to-face to You, one of those days, bear with me and make an historical visit to the Lollichon (my father) and Jondet (my mother) families origins.

The Lollichon (my father side) seem to be coming from Bretagne, Quimperle and Moelan-sur-Mer Sud Finistere.   (I included a satellite view of Brigneau where, if you zoom, you can see Kerjegu, the farm, the old houses, the new house, Kervetot and the Temple) BTW, Kervetot and The Temple should be investigated to set up a mini-hotel/restaurant with a sail/motor boat for tourists fishing and touring mooring in the Brigneau river…….just a thought!  ;+)

The Jondet (my mother side) seem to be coming from Champagne (Nogent) and Lorraine (Martigny-les-Bains) with the particularity of never being too far from cutlery and good wine, i.e., Nogent, Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux…….;+),_France

However, since France has been the “cul de sac” (“no exit backyard”) of Asia and Europe, any “melanges” “mixes” are possible and even most likely, like asians from the Huns and others in Bretagne and African/Arabic/Berberes/Maures (Moors) from the links of Champagne/Lorraine with Navarre and others……..;+)   Frankly, I am not surprised that I look (and so do Luc as a younger version) , now that I lost weight, a little bit like Steve Jobs who, as everybody knows, is genetically Syrian on his biological father side…….;+)   So we surely shouldn’t discriminate on any basis (including age) in our family, but even more particularly about race and origin…….;+)


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