SeaSteadun​g and the Future World Government

For Your Enlghtenment (FYE)   “They will have inheritable or negotiable “seats” — a grandfathered position of “standing” allowing them to step up before WG bodiesrepresenting the interests of millions of clients. Large and small. Think this is about autonomy? Or feudal privilege? Or social experimentation? Naw. These guys are smarter than that. It’s about getting in on the ground floor of the 21st century’s great new business frontier”   One thing is for sure, between Norman Livergood requiring from Cooperative Commonwealth Communities (CCCs) candidates to adhere to his thoughts and only his thoughts and testing them to make sure they have the “adequate orthodox pinkish ideology”, in addition for the candidates to bring the capital (US$100,000, US$ 50,000 for the community and US$50,000 to cover the candidates first beginning months,(too bad if you pass the test but don’t have the money, you can’t join)  on one hand, and SeaSteading Thiel and Friedman selfish elitism, on the other hand,  I don’t see that much “social concern” and “compassion” for fellow human beings in all these conversations! This is going to come back to haunt us! :+(   One is pushing a cooperative scam, the others are trying to save their rear end like rats escaping  a sinking ship! :+(   What about the rest of the planet? …….”The Day After Tomorrow” meet “Waterworld” !  ;+)   May Quan Am Enlighten them! ;+)   May the Force be with All of Us!  ;+)   I guess we better brace for more of these displays of the dark side of human nature, before we come back to our “normal” “compassionate” “loveable” traditional humanity!……;+)


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