Fiat 500 Abarth in the USA. After Berlusconi​, Italy send us one of the Best! One of the “Sorcerers​” Abarth, Cooper, Gordini, Issigonis & Redele

If you feel “over the hill”, please, do yourself the favor to drive one of those cars and discover the meaning of “taking a curb in “crab””, “countering the slides” and a car engine “central-rear”………I guarantee, it will take forty (40) years out of your age in a few seconds……..The time you change the gears from one to five and retrograde back from five to one to “pass” that “u” curb on the road from Ajaccio to Cargese in Corsica, making your brakes “white hot”…..;+) But the cars can take it, as they have done it so many times!….;+)

For Your Excitement (FYE)

Believe it or not the Renault 8 Gordini was faster than the Mini Cooper S and won against it several times!……….;+)

Of course, with the engine “central-rear” and the engine power for the weight, you really need to enjoy cutting curbs in “crab” and counter the slides, but what a joy to drive!  ;+)   One of the very few things I “really” miss!  ;+)   BTW, “83” is the “Var” and “06” the “Alpes Maritimes”!….;+)

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