John Law (pronounce​d John Lass in French) Bankrupcy Impact on the French Revolution & Its Relevance to Occupy Wall Street (potential​) Revolution – 10/17/2011

For Our Entertainment (FOE) and then For Our Meditation (FOM),_Duke_of_Orl%C3%A9ans

” At this stage of the movement, the primary goal is to educate and energize Americans to get informed and involved in the movement. A long list of goals would boggle the mind right now and be distracting. We need to focus on the issues that make the 99% so angry:

DEMANDS – Occupy Wall Street

Does It Anger You The Wealthiest 1% of America Pays A Much Lower Tax Rate Than The Rest Of Us? Hedge fund managers making $100 million a year, as many do, pay a 15% income tax on their yearly earnings while the rest of us pay much higher tax rates. Warren Buffet paid $6.9 million federal incomes taxes on a reported $62.8 million dollar total income last year.
We Have Gross Tax Inequality in America.

Over the past 30 years, the income of the top 1% of our nation has exploded while salaries and income for the rest of us, the other 99%, have been stagnant or declined.
We Have Gross Income Inequality in America.

There Has Been A Huge Transfer Of Wealth Away From The Middle Class To The Super Wealthy. This allows people like the Koch brothers to buy legislators and pass more laws that are favorable to them.

We Have Gross Economic Inequality in America.
Where There Is Gross Economic Inequality There Is No Justice.

In 2004 Assistant FBI Director Chris Swecker warned of EPIDEMIC mortgage fraud in our country but he was denied funds to investigate and prosecute it. To date, NONE of the people who are responsible for the destruction of our economy, and who profited from its destruction, have been proscuted. The FBI prefers to focus on marijuana cases rather than mortgage fraud.

The United States is the ONLY major industrialized country in the world without universal healthcare. Our Healthcare System Is Almost Twice As Expensive As Other Major Countries And Ranks Worse Than 40th In The World In Terms of Quality.

Why? Our healthcare system is run by for-profit corporations for the benefit of their shareholders and not for the good of our citizens. Our Country Is Run By Corporations For Their Benefit.
The media, which is supported by large corporate advertisers, does not tell us the truth for fear of losing advertising revenue.

Did you know our country is borrowing over 40% of our budget? This is largely to pay for foreign wars. People Who Profit From Wars, Promote Wars.

The same people want to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits to pay for our bloated defense budget. Social Security and Medicare did NOT cause our huge budget deficits or our big increases in debt.
Expensive foreign wars caused our financial problems.

Protect Social Security Solvency. Eliminate The $106,000 Cap On Social Security Taxes So High Earners Pay Their Fair Share.

Tax law changes dating back to the 1980’s encouraged American companies to move jobs overseas. We need to change those laws immediately and Bring High Quality Jobs Back To America.

Occupy Wall Street has been criticized for not stating their demands. The truth is, the list is so long that it boggles the mind! We must focus on energizing and educating America about what is happening. We
need to get the movement going because there is so much that must be done.

Our DEMANDS can be summarized very simply: Government By The People And For The People… Not just for corporations and the super wealthy.

In response we hear, “But they have all the money and the power!” Well…We Have The Votes And The 99% Is Too Big To Fail! Get interested and informed about what is really happening to America and join us.

Michele Moore ~ ”

Americans are slow to make a Revolution and to show assiduity to it, they all have severe poltical ADHD. :+(  Maybe, when they will have Centuries of abuses like the French, and the “pain level” will be sufficient, then, maybe, we will see a ‘guillotine” erected on Capitol Hill and at the White House……..Unfortunately!  :+(

Americans have a knee jerk reaction to call communism/socialism what is just a claim for fairness, justice and humanism, instead of greed, selfishness and human rights abuses.

Americans all talk about their Constitution, but really, few, understand what it really says and how to live up to it.


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