Rein: Chinese Innovation Is Thanks to American Education – 10/04/2011

For Your Entertainment (FYE)

“Spoiled by parents who lived through the Cultural Revolution, far too many young Chinese have been taught to take it easy, and bolt for greener pastures at the first sign of trouble. Many are unable to overcome criticism and face challenges head on.

As one senior executive of a management consulting firm told me, “As soon as we criticize them or have them work late hours, they quit, cry or sulk.” That is why it is common for young Chinese to have five jobs in five years. Not only are they job-hopping to grab slight pay increases, they simply do not want to work hard to achieve.

If anything, it is the older generation, the people in the 40-55-age range who are the risk takers. They suffered during China’s dark days and learned how to build companies with their own sweat. They have nothing to lose, so they risk everything. Chinese in their 20s have only known good times and seek security.

Some of the greatest business minds in the world are in China. However, many of them gravitate to sectors like real estate where profits are high and risks are relatively low. For them, there is so much low hanging fruit that they do not feel the need to be innovative.

As China’s economy continues to mature, it will need more innovative minds. That is unlikely to happen anytime soon as long as the education system remains ossified and until more young workers get more grit like their parents.”

Unfortunately, most of what is said is applicable to Viet Nam and most developing countries………:+(

Let’s see what happens when thegoing gets tough, as it will, undoubtedly, again unfortunately…….:+(

BTW, the article’s author company’s website in Shanghai, China seems to be “blocked”, coincidence?……….;+)


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