Wishes Upon a Star Challenges – 10/02/2011

For Your Entertainment (FYE) Nano-Nano! and Live Long and Prosper!  ;+)


“”Not only are we bad at terraforming, but we don’t have the life span or the attention span to carry it through,” Andreadis said. “Terraforming is a failure of the imagination. It’s like people who take those expensive trips to Paris and eat at McDonald’s.””

“”We will have to grow up and do self-directed evolution, realizing that what comes out of the other end may not be ‘human,'” Andreadis said. “If we stake our future among the stars, we must change for the journey and the destination.””

” I say we focus on not ruining this planet rather than manufacturing a need to colonize distant galaxies.
I suspect the technology required to end the damage we’re doing to the earth now is significantly less advanced and less expensive than that required for interstellar travel.
Our big problems of habitat destruction and self-destruction are structural, which means we’d be looking for a new planet to ultimately destroy – which as far as I’m concerned gets us nowhere that I would want to be.”

In other words, let’s solve our problems on earth, first, before spreading the diseases galactically!…….;+)


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