The Stuttering of History – Protesters invade NYC Financial District – 09/18/2011

For Your Entertainment (FYE)

“More than 1,000 demonstrators descended on New York City’s Financial District on Saturday for what could be a days-long protest of what they said was corporate greed favoring the rich at the expense of ordinary people.

The rally, dubbed #OccupyWallStreet on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook where word was spread, spurred the New York Police Department to lock down Wall Street near the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall, local media reported.”


“”It’s a worthy cause because people on Wall Street are blood-sucking warmongers,” Bill Steyerd, 68, a Vietnam veteran from Queens, told the New York Daily News. “I’m here, and in spite of these dinky barricades, we’re going to shut down Wall Street with people power.”

Counterculture magazine Adbusters and hacking group Anonymous were among the organizers asking participants to set up tents, kitchens and peaceful barricades, NY1 television station reported. Organizers hoped to draw at least 20,000 during the weekend. Satellite demonstrations were held in Los Angeles and Seattle under a Day of Rage banner, and in  Barcelona, Spain, and elsewhere.”


“Dave Woessner, 31, a student at Harvard Divinity School, was among those marching near the bull statue early in the afternoon.

“When you idealize financial markets as salvific you embrace the idea that profit is all that matters,” he told the Times.

“A lot of us feel there is a large crisis in our economy and a lot of it is caused by the folks who do business here,” said Jason Ahmadi, 26, from Oakland, Calif., told the Daily News.”


” I get real tired of “Protest Areas” and “Free Speech Zones”. Any public roadway is a protest area and a free speech zone. Sure, it’s an inconvenience for others but I’d rather live in a country where people could protest peacefully anywhere instead of a police state.”


” Stay on this story. This is an acorn that’s going to grow into an oak. It’s about time somebody had the courage to make something happen.”


It is a people over greed and the greedy agenda!
The stated two fold purpose of the protests are:
Break up the “too big to fail banks” and their cronies at the Fed
End the campaign bribery, lobbying, special interest, paid for politician system”


“May 1968 Revolution Slogans Reminder:
“All power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
We want structures that serve people, not people serving structures.
The revolution doesn’t belong to the committees, it’s yours.
Je suis Marxiste – tendance Groucho. (I’m a Marxist – of the Groucho variety.)
Comrades, let’s lynch Séguy! [Georges Séguy, head bureaucrat of the Communist Party-dominated trade union]
Man is neither Rousseau’s noble savage nor the Church’s or La Rochefoucauld’s depraved sinner. He is violent when oppressed, gentle when free.
A single non-revolutionary weekend is infinitely more bloody than a month of total revolution.
Those who lack imagination cannot imagine what is lacking.
A cop sleeps inside each one of us. We must kill him. Drive the cop out of your head.
We don’t want to be the watchdogs or servants of capitalism.
“The cause of all wars, riots and injustices is the existence of property.”(St. Augustine)
Commute, work, commute, sleep . . .
Since 1936 I have fought for wage increases. My father before me fought for wage increases. Now I have a TV, a fridge, a Volkswagen. Yet my whole life has been a drag. Don’t negotiate with the bosses. Abolish them.
The future will only contain what we put into it now.
The more you consume, the less you live. Commodities are the opium of the people.
Abolish copyrights: sound structures belong to everyone.
This concerns everyone.
L’ennui est contre-révolutionnaire. (Boredom is counter-revolutionary.)
L’imagination prend le pouvoir! (Imagination takes power!)
Soyez réalistes, demandez l’impossible. (Be realistic, ask the impossible.)
Prenez vos désirs pour la réalité. (Take your desires for reality.)
On achète ton bonheur. Vole-le. (They are buying your happiness. Steal it.)
Presse: ne pas avaler. (On a poster with a bottle of poison labelled: “Press: Do not swallow.”)
Même si Dieu existait, il faudrait le supprimer. (Even if God existed it would be necessary to abolish him.)
Le patron a besoin de toi, tu n’as pas besoin de lui. (The boss needs you, you don’t need him.)
L’été sera chaud! (Summer will be hot!)
On ne revendiquera rien, on ne demandera rien. On prendra, on occupera. (We will beg for nothing. We will ask for nothing. We will take, we will occupy.)
Travailleur : tu as 25 ans mais ton syndicat est de l’autre siècle. (Worker: You are 25, but your union is from another century.)
Nous ne voulons pas d’un monde où la certitude de ne pas mourir de faim s’échange contre le risque de mourir d’ennui. (We don’t want a world where the guarantee of not dying of starvation brings the risk of dying of boredom.)
In a society that has abolished every kind of adventure the only adventure that remains is to abolish the society.
Ceux qui font les révolutions à moitié ne font que se creuser un tombeau. (Those who make revolutions half way only dig their own graves.)
Run, comrade, the old world is behind you!
Sous les pavés, la plage. (Under the paving stones, the beach.)
Vivre sans temps mort et jouir sans entrave. (Live without wasted time and enjoy without hindrance.)
La barricade ferme la rue mais ouvre la voie. (Barricades close the street but open the way.)
When the National Assembly becomes a bourgeois theater, all the bourgeois theaters should be turned into national assemblies. (Written above the entrance of the occupied Odéon Theatre)
Warning: ambitious careerists may now be disguised as “progressives.”
Stalinists, your children are with us!
Be cruel.
I love you!!! Oh, say it with paving stones!!!
Under 21? [Picture of a brick] Here is your ballot! “(actually not a “brick” but a very symbolic “cobblestone”. “Your own ground comes to hit you in the face”……

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